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Americans spent over $14 billion last year by buying from small businesses.
4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Limit Liabilities
It's key that entrepreneurs have a system established that offers protection from liability, a risk that never fully goes away.
Cooking fires are three times more likely to occur on Thanksgiving than other days of the year, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
Don't Burn The Bird: 4 Tips For a Fire Safe Thanksgiving
More home fires happen on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year, making cooking safety a top priority.
Millions of Americans will flock to the stores for Black Friday sales events.
5 Tips To A Safe Black Friday Shopping Experience
While your Black Friday shopping experience may be stress-filled, you can keep it accident-free with these safety tips. 
A new survey details what mistakes student drivers most frequently make when they get behind the wheel for their maiden voyage.
Most Common Missteps Teens Do When Driving
eDrivers recently queried 200 drivers ed instructors about what flubs they most often observe among teens getting their licenses for the first time.
Most teens say they've seen their parents text while driving before.
Parents Sending Mixed Signals By Texting And Driving
A new poll suggests that parents may not be practicing what they preach when it comes to distracted driving. 
Business ownership is not without its downsides, one of which is the potential for being sued.
3 Tips To Protect Your Business From A Lawsuit
No business can avoid the chance of being sued, but there are ways to make litigation less likely to be successful.
You may want to keep your headlights regardless of what time of day it is.
'Bright' Idea: 3 Ways To See Better While Driving At Night
Avoid a car accident when driving at night with some of these "bright" ideas.
Entrepreneurship has reached record-breaking territory in the U.S., according to a new survey.
Entrepreneurship At Record Levels, Study Suggests
More than 1 in 10 Americans are entrepreneurs, the highest ratio for the U.S. ever, according to a newly released report.
Without information-sharing, the effectiveness of cyber security is a roll of the dice, the casino industry says.
Casinos Ask For Government's Help To Combat Cyber Crime
The American Gaming Industry is calling on Washington to pass a bill that would encourage information-sharing between the government and business sectors.
Employees who are sick with the flu should stay home to keep the flu from spreading.
3 Essential Steps To Keeping Your Workplace Flu Free
Flu season is here once again, but there are things you can do to help you and your workplace steer clear of its effects.
California, Texas and Florida are home to the highest number of military families, each in excess of 1 million.
3 Ways To Say 'Thank You' This Veterans Day
Looking to express your appreciation in a special way this Veterans Day? There are lots of ways to do it, and the following are some of them.
Electric fireplaces provide all the amenities that hearth fireplaces do, without the hassle and maintenance.
3 Glowingly Good Reasons To Install An Artificial Fireplace
Though some people cringe at the thought of anything that's artificial, an electric fireplace is about as authentic as it gets, without the hassle that comes from the real thing.
Ford joins nine other automakers in pledging to make automatic emergency braking a standard feature in all-new vehicles.
Automakers Commit To Standardizing Automatic Emergency Brakes
GM, BMW and Ford represent three of 10 major automakers that have pledged to install AEB in all-new vehicles in the not too distant future.
Ice dams can cause leakage problems affecting the roof that often bleed into the ceiling.
How To Protect Your Business From The Polar Vortex
Should the polar vortex makes its unwelcome appearance this winter, these tips can help you avoid its damaging effects.
Winter tires help the car to grip the road more effectively.
3 Key Steps To Mounting A Vigorous Winter Driving Defense
The best defense when driving in snowy, inclement conditions is a good offense. 
You may already have rental car insurance.
Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?
Before you buy rental car insurance, check your personal auto insurance policy to see if you already have it.  
Would podracing be covered in 'Star Wars'?
Insurance In The 'Star Wars' Galaxy
When The Force isn't enough, insurance takes care of accidents in the intergalactic empire.
General Motors is recalling 1.4 million vehicles due to a safety hazard that affects the engine.
GM Issues Third Recall Over Same Issue
For the third time since 2007, General Motors is recalling millions of vehicles due to a hazard that can lead to engines catching fire
Car accidents involving pedestrians are two times higher on Halloween than any other day of the year.
Be Extra Cautious On The Roads This 'Halloweekend'
Put the weekend, drunk driving and trick-or-treaters together, and you have a Halloween where it pays to be extra cautious on the roads. 
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