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Wearable technology is no longer the province of consumers, but of employers as well.
Wearable Technology In The Workplace: A Concern For Employers?
When wearable technology is misused, it can lead to liability risks for business owners.
Only half of households have prepared an emergency kit, according to a recent government study.
Only Half of U.S. Households Have Emergency Kit, Poll Finds
Just 51% of families in the country have supplies readily at hand when there is an urgent situation, according to a new poll conducted by the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Hurricane formation is expected to be limited this year, according to forecasters from Colorado State University.
'Well Below Average' Hurricane Season Expected
Forecasters from Colorado State University believe one major hurricane will develop in the Atlantic this year.
How To Keep Your Crew Cool In The Summer Heat
The best words of advice for your crew this summer is to take it easy.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend with these grilling safety reminders.
How To Grill Safely This Memorial Day
Thousands of grilling fires happen each year in the United States, virtually all of which are preventable.
'Promposals' cost the average American household around $325, according to a new study done by Visa.
High Spending Makes Prom Planning A 'Promposal'
Parents and teenagers spend nearly $325 on the prom, a new Visa study finds.
Think living away from the coast protects you from flooding? Think again.
Live Inland? You're Still At Risk For Flooding
No matter where you live, flood potential is a clear and present danger that you need to be prepared for.
The Golden and Labrador Retrievers are two of the more popular dog breeds in America.
May Is Dog Bite Prevention Month
More than one-third of all homeowners insurance claims are dog bite-related, according to the Insurance Information Institute.
Pollen in the air may be inescapable, but you can lessen the effects of allergies by reducing your exposure to cigarette smoke.
Smoking Makes Allergies Worse - Allergy Awareness Month
Cigarette smoke worsens allergy symptoms, which is why May is as good a time as ever to finally kick the habit.
The upcoming hurricane season makes this the ideal time to review your insurance protection.
5 Things You Should Do Before June 1
Hurricane season begins June 1, which should give you the time you need to plan for the potential of a storm hitting your area.
According to the Federal Railroad Administration, only one-third of railway crossings have flashing lights that alert motorists a train is approaching.
Railroad Industry Urges Police To Ratchet Up Safety Enforcement
Nearly 240 people in the United States died last year in grade crossing incidents, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.
Over 61,000 bridges across the nation require significant repair work due to structural deficiencies, a new report argues.
US Roads, Bridges In Dire Need Of Repair, Report Suggests
More than 61,000 of the nation's bridges are considered 'structurally deficient,' according to a new estimate from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.
On a weather map, hurricanes have a circular-like pattern and produce sustained wind gusts in excess of 74 miles per hour.
How Do Hurricanes Develop?
Wind, rain and warm ocean temperatures are the key ingredients that make for hurricane potential.
Arson is the intentional destruction of property by fire.
Protect Yourself From Arson
May 3 - 9 is National Arson Awareness Week
Two-thirds of Mother's Day gift givers this year will be presenting their moms with flowers, according to the National Retail Federation.
No Dollar Amount Too Much For Mom, New Survey Suggests
Consumers will spend an average of more than $172 for Mother's Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.
According to the National Educational Association, there are 3.1 million employed teachers in the United States.
Celebrating The Nation's Teachers
May 6 is National Teacher Day, which celebrates the fine work that educators perform on behalf of students so that they can contribute to societal development.  .
Be sure everyone drinks responsibly for Cinco de Mayo.
How To Have A Fun, Safe Cinco De Mayo
If only for one day of the year, everyone is Mexican on May 5, a major day on the calendar that's a source of great pride, fun and celebration. 
Nearly 973,000 women in California are self-employed, more than any other state, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.
'Dream Big' With the Right Business Owner Insurance Policy
May 4 - 8 is National Small Business Week, and the theme this year is "Dream Big, Start Small."
Experience isn't a mitigating factor when it comes to the safety of texting and driving, a recent report suggests.
Study: Experienced Drivers No Better At Texting And Driving Than Novice
A recent study from Wayne University says that people who are older and more experienced at texting and driving tend to perform worse at the activity compared to people with less working knowledge of it.
April 30 is National PreparAthon Day.
Does Your Home Have An Emergency Kit?
On this the second annual National PreparAthon Day, a new government poll indicates only half of Americans have an emergency supply kit in their homes.
Want to drive in the lap of luxury? Be aware that auto insurance rates can be pricey.
The Costliest Cars To Cover
If luxury is the model class you've long seen yourself in, and are now finally ready to buy into, be mindful of the auto insurance implications.
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