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About Selective

Who We Are
Selective Values

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"So valuable is the human element that I will not let this Company lose the human touch which has been largely responsible for its success." D.L.B. Smith, Founder

Be honest and forthright. Act morally and ethically at all times. Don't compromise your principles. Do what's right.

Earn the trust and confidence of employees, agents, insureds, stockholders and our communities. Be someone others can depend on. Be a good neighbor.

Be fair. Avoid prejudice. Keep an open mind. Fulfill expectations.

Be accessible. Be friendly and courteous to our customers. Make timely, sound decisions. Solve problems. Exceed expectations.

Focus & Commitment
Embrace our goals and work toward exceeding them. Concentrate on the task at hand. Accept challenge and responsibility. Rise to the occasion.

Work smarter than yesterday. Minimize errors. Learn from mistakes. Exploit automation. Streamline processes. Be flexible. Challenge the status quo.

Delegate. Accept responsibility. Encourage participation. Get excited. Listen. Be a self starter. Take risks. Build teams. Coach. Practice empathy. Provide opportunities to develop professionally and personally. Recognize and reward contributions. Fight bureaucracy. Ask questions. Demand answers.

Keep confidences. Fulfill promises. Back up words with action. Give others a chance.

Be candid. Make sure everyone knows what's going on. Explain crises. Celebrate triumphs. Be accessible. Say hello. Be friendly. Smile. Have fun. Offer and accept constructive feedback. Discuss differences. Seek solutions. Share ideas. Listen.

Recognize that everyone is different. Be tolerant of other opinions and life choices. Be considerate. Accept that responsibilities transcend the workplace. Appreciate obligations to family and self. Encourage community service. Be courteous.

The Best
Focus all our efforts to do the best possible job in every situation. Maximize the returns of all stake holders. Build a reputation. Take pride in yourself, your work and your company.

Where Selective Operates

Where Selective Operates

Selective is a super-regional property and casualty insurance provider with operations throughout the U.S. We also are the 6th largest writer of flood insurance from the federal National Flood Insurance Program. Click the links below to see maps of where we do business for each type of insurance.

Our Core Values

Selective is proud of the ethical standards that have shaped our decisions and operations since the company was founded in 1926.