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Leadership Development and Leadership University

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The company created a formal Leadership Development group devoted exclusively to this goal. This group manages a comprehensive in-house “Leadership University”. The purpose of the Leadership University is to provide training and experiences to assist in the attainment of skills, behaviors and characteristics related to our leadership core competencies. These courses are designed to match Selective’s specific leadership needs and objectives, while helping us meet our short and long-term business goals. The courses are hands-on, experiential, and very applicable to the strengths, challenges, and issues we all face as leaders each day. Courses include Excellence in Leadership, Effective Interviewing, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Managing Execution and more.

The preceding is an overview of various benefit and compensation arrangements. Please refer to applicable plan documents or SPDs for more complete details. Selective reserves the right to amend or terminate any benefit or compensation arrangements at any time with or without written notice.