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2/7/2014 - Camaro most sought out sports car by thieves

In previous reports, California has been the capital for car theft.

When it comes to the nameplate of automobiles that thieves most frequently targeted over the past several years, the Chevrolet Camaro took top billing.

According to nonprofit organization National Insurance Crime Bureau, between 2009 and 2012, the sports car that criminals most often made off with was the Camaro, as more than 1,500 successful thefts were reported to area authorities. Following the mid-sized automobile in prevalence of vehicle-related heists was the Ford Mustang at approximately 980, the Dodge Challenger at 782 and Porsche Panamera at 103. The Audi A5 rounded out the top five at 101 reported thefts.

In previous reports, California has been the capital for car theft. This was the case for sporty vehicles, as they saw about 765 instances of this type of criminal activity, the NICB reported. Florida was second at 443, Texas third at 381 while Georgia and Michigan had 257 and 187 thefts, respectively.

As for how many thefts of sports cars there were during the entire study period and nationwide, approximately 3,780 were lifted in the U.S., with the mid-sized model type producing the most activity. All cars that were stolen had model years of either 2010, 2011 or 2012, the NICB reported.

In order to recover one's losses after being victimized by automotive theft, standard auto insurance theft typically doesn't provide for these incidents. As a general rule,
comprehensive coverage includes theft, as well as other potential causes for a claim, such as fire or weather-related damage from environmental catastrophes.

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