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11/12/2013 - Dinner date with the kids

Nearly 60% of parents indicated that they dine out with their kids at least once a week.

Though householders may be tightening their belts, spending less in order to rein in their budgets, they're not letting hard financial times get in the way of enjoying a night out for dinner with the family - a major boon for restaurateurs.

According to newly released survey data compiled by, nearly 60% of parents indicated that they dine out with their kids at least once a week. Additionally, 70% noted that they did this in order to form a tighter bond as a family unit.

The poll also indicated that nearly two-thirds of parents take their children out to eat because they believe it provides them with greater culture, where they can be introduced to new foods that they likely wouldn't try at home.

Professionals in the industry appear to be doing a good job with ensuring that their guests have plenty of menu items to choose from. The poll revealed that parents are highly satisfied with restaurant menus, as 83% said that they had a good balance of options for kids and adults.

Experts in the food service business say that customer is king. The National Restaurant reported that industry sales are projected to top $660 billion this year, which wouldn't be possible without patrons. Selective offers the businessowners insurance protection restaurant managers and executives need so that they can keep their attention focused on clientele.

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