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5/6/2014 - Poll: Many Americans unconvinced of SAT accuracy

A growing number of Americans are starting to wonder whether the long-established SAT is an accurate portrayal of students' abilities.

With this being National Teacher Day, many people agree that were it not for those who commit their lives to education; they might not be where they are today. Virtually everyone has at least one teacher that was truly special to them, who believed in what they could do and encouraged them go give it their all.

The Standard Aptitude Test is one of the means by which colleges and universities determine students' grasp of math and verbal skills and is a test that high school teachers will prepare their classes for. However, not everyone is in agreement that the SAT is an accurate representation of what it is that teachers helped them understand, based on the results of a new poll.

Less than 4 in 10 - 38% - of men and women who responded to the survey said the SAT accurately portrayed raw math and verbal skills, according to research and consulting company YouGov. Additionally, among women, this percentage was even lower; averaging approximately 33% who thought it was a good measure of students' grasp of educational material.

Half say boards are unfair to those who can't take advantage of prep courses
Preparation is a key component of SAT test-taking, which is why there are many teachers who set up programs for SAT study. That said, nearly half of respondents indicated that if SAT preparation courses aren't available to students, then college boards can reasonably be perceived as unfair.

Other findings from the poll found that just 18% believed performance on the SATs helped predict how well an individual will do in life, and less than one-third said it served as an accurate measure of collegiate performance.

Whatever beliefs faculty members have regarding the SATs, there are more than 3 million teachers in the country today, according to the National Educational Association. Their commitment to students' development is to be recognized and praised. As a small token of appreciation, educators are encouraged to take advantage of Selective's Educational Affinity discount program, where they can obtain deep discounts on home or auto insurance.

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