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Without information-sharing, the effectiveness of cyber security is a roll of the dice, the casino industry says.
Casinos Ask For Government's Help To Combat Cyber Crime
The American Gaming Industry is calling on Washington to pass a bill that would encourage information-sharing between the government and business sectors.
Homeowners can reinforce their doors by installing a deadbolt.
Protecting Your Home From Theft
Nearly 3 in 4 residential thefts occur when no one is at home, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. 
Consumers say their distrustful of companies' capacity to protect their personal information from exposure.
Consumers Less Sure Of Companies' Data Security Capabilities
More than 6 in 10 consumers say they've lost faith in businesses' ability to protect their financial information from hackers. 
Traveling in groups is the best way to avoid being assaulted on campus.
5 Ways To Stay Safe On Campus
Sexual assaults on campus can be thwarted by making smart decisions.
Researchers say that keyless entry is the latest stratagem thieves are using to take advantage of unsuspecting car owners.
Thieves 'Keying' In On Keyless Entry
Experts say that thieves are turning the tables on keyless entry by exploiting their security vulnerabilities.
More than 10,000 people per year die in accidents caused by a drunk driver.
Turning To Technology To Help End Drunk Driving
Alcohol-interlock systems and other technologies are the latest tools being deployed in the battle against driving under the influence.
A security alarm is a reliable way to ward off residential theft.
4 Effective Ways Of Deterring Home Theft
Summer is a peak time of year for robberies, mainly because people are away on vacation.
Approximately 80% of business owners fail PCI compliance assessment testing, a new report finds.
Broader Acceptance Of Alternative Payments Leaving Businesses Vulnerable
More businesses accept credit and other alternative forms of payment, but they're not shoring up their data defenses at the same time, a new poll suggests. 
National Night Out helps promote the development of neighborhood crime watches.
Helping Neighbors Come Together Through National Night Out
The first Tuesday in August celebrates how neighborhood support and joint interests can prevent property crime.
Never keep valuable items in plain sight when parking your car.
How Motorists Can Keep Their Privacy Intact
More than $1.2 billion worth of personal items are stolen from cars annually, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
No company is immune to a cyber attack - not even seasonal businesses.
Even Seasonal Businesses Can Be Exploited By Data Breaches
Despite being open less often, seasonal businesses must be mindful about cyber security.
Every 44 seconds, a car is stolen somewhere in the United States, according to NHTSA figures.
How To Steer Clear of Car Theft This Summer
July and August are the peak times of year for automotive theft in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
More than 80% of businesses expects a cyber attack this year, according to a new survey.
Poll: Most Business Owners EXPECT Hack Attempt This Year
More than 80% of companies believe they will be hit by a cyber crime in 2015, according to a newly released survey by ISACA and the RSA Conference.
New data from the Insurance Research Council helps to further establish how insurance fraud hurts everyone in the wallet.
When Insurance Fraud Wins, Everyone Loses
Fraud and buildup add $7.7 billion in excess auto insurance claims, according to a new study from the Insurance Information Institute.
Malware is one of many cyber security threats that increase consumers' and business owners' vulnerability.
Cyber Crime May Be Even Bigger Threat Than Perceived To Be
A new study suggests that because the FBI doesn't keep tabs on cyber security incidents, breaches may be more common than experts realize.
In the U.S. alone, retail theft - colloquially known as "shrink," which comprises shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud as well as administrative errors - cost businesses approximately $42 billion last year, according to newly released statistics from Checkpoint Systems.
Employee Theft Cuts into Business Owners' Profits
More than 40% of retail crime is attributable to employees stealing, according to new data from Checkpoint Systems.
Survey: Most financial firms affected by potential data breach this year
Most Financial Firms Affected by Potential Data Breach This Year, Survey Reveals
93% of financial services firms say they have experienced a cyber threat on at least one occasion in the past year, according to a new poll.
Despite the frequency with which companies have been attacked by cyber criminals and the lengths some have gone to avoid a breach, many companies aren't confident that their system will work, based on a recent poll.
Cyber Security: Business Owners Not Certain About Their Data Protection System
More than half of organizations say that they don't know if they could keep their data out of the wrong hands if their security system was compromised, according to a new SafeNet poll.
While the Internet has enabled individuals and businesses to learn, grow and stay connected, it can also be used for fraudulent or deceitful purposes.
Cyber Security: 3 Information Security Laws Everyone Should Know
Often referred to as the information superhighway, the Internet is used by 2.8 billion people throughout the world and as many as 85% of the North American population, according to statistical data.
While businesses are reacting by heightening their awareness and taking steps to prepare, many are still less than confident that their protection systems will stave off a security issue of their own.
Cyber Security: More Businesses Responding to Rise in Breach Threats
Nearly 75% of companies have a data breach response plan in place, according to a new report from Experian and the Ponemon Institute.
More than 8 in 10 cyber criminals - 86% - said they're confident about never facing repercussions for computer hacking attempts, Thycotic revealed in a poll.
Most Hackers Don't Think They'll Ever Be Caught, Poll Finds
More than 80% of confessed hacktivists believe their cyber warfare actions will go unpunished, according to recent polling from Thycotic.
Last year, nearly 54,000 Honda Accords were broken into and made off with, NICB revealed in its annual "Hot Wheels" report.
NICB: Honda Accord Most Stolen Vehicle of 2013
Two of the top 5 cars stolen in 2013 are made by Honda.
Although technological advancements and hi-tech gadgetry have helped more drivers protect their vehicles from being stolen, thieves are resorting to new ways of gaining entry into secured vehicles.
NICB Issues Consumer Warning About Keyless Entry Vehicles
Thieves are catching up with the times by gaining access to cars that use keyless entry, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
Despite greater awareness about Internet security and cyber attacks, hundreds of millions of consumers were affected by some form of identity theft through the first six months of 2014, according to a new report.
Nearly Half-Billion Customer Records Breached in 2014 - So Far, Report Finds
Approximately 375 million customers worldwide were affected by data theft through this year's first half, according to recent analysis.
Virtually every state in the country has some type of distracted driving law in place, largely because the safety hazards of the practice are so serious.
Study Says Primary Enforcement is Best for Texting and Driving Bans
New research from the University of Alabama-Birmingham found the greatest reductions in highway fatalities due to distracted driving were among states that make it a primary offense.
A CDC poll says that 1 in 4 women are affected by sexual abuse in their lifetime.
How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault
With the 2014-15 school season underway, these recommendations can help protect college-aged women from unwanted sex acts.
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