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Driving Safety

Driving Safety
If you're driving, don't risk going down a street that's flooded.
The Big Meltdown: Dealing With Standing Water
Winter's wrath and spring rains could make for localized flooding issues out on the roads.
The moving violation performed and where it takes place both have an impact on how much insurance premiums increase, according to a recent study.
How Moving Violations Can Affect Auto Insurance Premiums
In Hawaii, reckless driving can increase premiums by nearly 290%, according to Quadrant Information Services.
Keep driving safe and sober your No. 1 priority this St. Patrick's Day holiday.
Celebrate Responsibly This St. Patrick's Day
Make sure drunk driving isn't part of your St. Patrick's Day holiday.
Many cities in New England have spent all of the money apportioned to snow cleanup and removal.
Relentless Winter Creating Financial Woes For Municipalities
Snow removal budgets are dwindling for many New England cities - some of which are operating in the red.
Black ice can form whenever the ground temerature is at or below freezing and there's precipitation that's falling or already there.
7 Smart Ways To Approach Black Ice
Black ice is one of the trickier winter conditions to adjust to because it's difficult to detect.
At long last, the lengthier days of darkness are nearly over, as daylight saving time is just around the corner, the annual time of year where clocks "spring ahead," providing an extra hour of sunlight.
Daylight Saving Time Linked with Spike in Car Accidents, Study Finds
A University of Colorado-Boulder study finds that the hour less of sleep that comes with DST is associated with higher crash incidents on the roads.
For the third year in a row, the Toyota Motor Corp. is the undisputed king of the automaking world, selling more vehicles than any other nameplate worldwide.
Toyota is World's Top Automaker Once Again
Toyota Motor Corp. sold 10.2 million vehicles in 2014, the third year in a row that its sold more than any other nameplate in the world.
After looking at collision claims occurring within the zip codes of the NFL's 32 teams, HLDI analysts found that the rate of claims tended to be higher on days in which the home team lost or tied than when it won.
Auto Claim Rates 'Spike' on Days When Home NFL Team Loses, Study Finds
A new report indicates that collision claims stemming from accidents around NFL stadiums tend to be more frequent when the home team loses than when it wins, according to the latest findings from the Highway Loss Data Institute.
Gas prices have really gone through quite the transformation over the past several months.
Fuel Economy Still Overarching Concern for Car Buyers, Despite Dip in Gas Prices
Gas mileage is the main reason why new-vehicle owners go with their purchase, according to a new J.D. Power and Associates survey.
Whenever there's a crash, an auto insurance claim process ensues in order to determine how the accident happened and who may have been at fault.
Will My Rates Go Up If An Accident Isn't My Fault?
You've just been involved in a crash but you're blameless for what happened. Should you expect to see your premiums go up?
With subzero temperatures throughout much of the U.S. over the past month or so of winter, odds are you've started up the car before your morning commute to make the ride a bit more comfortable.
Think Twice Before Warming Up Your Car in the Morning
'Puffing' is illegal in many states because it increases the risk of cars being stolen.
Sales of all-new cars and trucks is forecast to total 17 million over the next 12 months, a near 3% uptick from 2014, according to estimates made by online car buying and selling platform TrueCar.
New-car Sales to Flourish in 2015
Two recently released reports suggest that new-car purchases will reach right around 17 million in the new year, due largely to the improving state of the economy.
A new study reveals that sunny days have significant accident potential.
Study: Near-Collision Risk Doubles When Skies Are Clear
New analysis finds that the actions motorists take when the weather is nice out increase the chances of an accident.
In 49 of the 50 states, auto insurance isn't merely a suggestion of something to purchase that comes in handy, it's required by law.
10 Reasons Why You Need Auto Insurance
When in a sticky situation, having the right coverage in place can be a lifeline, something that you really can't afford to go without.
With one-third of Americans intending to hit the road for the holiday, inclement weather could make for a treacherous ride.
Few Motorists Prepared for Snow-Covered Holiday, New Poll Finds
Just 1 in 4 drivers has or will equip their vehicle with winter tires this year, according to a survey by Bridgestone Americas.
The percentage of uninsured motorists in the country has consistently declined over the past several years, according to the Insurance Research Council.
How to Secure the Proper Car Insurance Plan
These tips should enable you to determine what to take into consideration before buying insurance.
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is cautioning parents not to let too much of the semester pass by without talking to their sons or daughters about the dangers of drinking to excess, particularly when it's combined with getting behind the wheel of a car.
Discussing College Drinking
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism advises parents to talk to their college kids about the dangers of alcohol.
In a bid to lower the number of auto insurance claims that result from wildlife walking or running out into traffic, the Virginia Department of Transportation is investigating their travel patterns.
Safety Officials in Virginia Launch 3-Year Study to Reduce Wildlife Collisions
The Virginia Department of Transportation says the analysis should help reduce the number of car accidents involving animals.
In an effort to get more individuals to come to a complete stop when they're approaching an intersection, a number of towns and cities have turned to red-light cameras.
NCSR: Red-Light Cameras Resulting in Fewer Moving Violations
The National Coalition for Safer Roads says close to 90% of people cited for running a red light last year weren't fined for doing it again.
When it comes to which consumers are the most common purchasers of new vehicles, baby boomers tend to buy more all-new cars than their younger counterparts, based on the results of a new survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates.
Baby Boomers Big Buyers of New Vehicles, Report Finds
In year-to-date sales, consumers in their 50s and 60s have purchased the most new cars, according to J.D. Power and Associates.
Used car prices are projected to decline rather precipitously in the forthcoming months, largely due to the frequency with which people are buying all-new automobiles.
Used Car Prices to Lower Thanks to Surging New-Car Sales
Recent analysis indicates used car prices are anticipated to slide to levels not seen since 2008.
Virtually every state in the country has some type of distracted driving law in place, largely because the safety hazards of the practice are so serious.
Study Says Primary Enforcement is Best for Texting and Driving Bans
New research from the University of Alabama-Birmingham found the greatest reductions in highway fatalities due to distracted driving were among states that make it a primary offense.
A new report was recently released that people who are looking to buy a smaller car might want to heed.
IIHS: Small Cars Perform Poorly in Overlap Front Test
Only the Mini Cooper Countryman received a "good" rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
After a year's that's been replete with automotive recalls due to safety issues, a surprising new study reveals that safety takes a backseat to price when it comes to the factors that consumers consider before purchasing a new vehicle.
Poll: Consumers Value Price Over Safety
More car buyers say the affordability of a vehicle has a bigger influence on their decision to purchase a vehicle than safety history, according to YouGov.
The Chevrolet Volt recently earned IIHS' Top Safety Pick+ designation.
The 6 Safest Small Cars on the Road Today
Half of the 12 small cars the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analyzed in crash testing received its Top Safety Pick designation.
Many Americans think hands-free devices are safer to use behind the wheel then they really may be.
Do Hands-Free Devices Make Driving Safer?
A new National Safety Council survey reveals how many people are under the wrong impression about hands-free technology.
Despite many teens believing texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than skydiving, many still do it.
Texting and Driving Habits of Teens
Notwithstanding the dangers, many teens still text and drive, according to new polling data.
A large number of Americans are learning about new auto technologies by renting cars.
Poll: Most experience new automobile technologies for first time in rental cars
Half of consumers say that they got their first taste of new automotive systems after renting a car.
There are a lot of advantages to owning a used car, one of them being that policyholders can traditionally save on their auto insurance premiums.
What used cars to avoid
Consumer Reports recently put together a list of used vehicles to steer clear of and what serve as good alternatives.
A large number of Americans are learning about new auto technologies by renting cars.
Poll: Car Buyers Opting out of Test Drives
Half of consumers say that they got their first taste of new automotive systems after renting a car.
Cameras mounted on the back of cars are more effective at detecting blockages in the road than parking sensors are, according to recent analysis.
Vehicle-mounted cameras superior
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that rear cameras do a better job at reducing blind zones than parking sensors.
Graco recently issued a voluntary recall on its child seat harness buckles.
Graco issues voluntary recall on child seat harness buckles
The recall is over reported issues of buckles becoming difficult to open once kids are strapped into their child safety seats.
Although new hands-free technologies have become commonplace, experts assert these still come with inherent danger.
NSC says hands-free technology still poses crash risk
The National Safety Council indicates that hands-free devices are just as dangerous as handheld cellphones when it comes to distracted driving.
These days, once consumers buy a car, it could be another decade before they’re in the market again.
Expected car lifespan 10 years or more
The average lifespan of a car is about 10 years, according to AutoMD's '2014 Vehicle Mileage Survey.'
One of the most common causes of accidents that lead to auto insurance claims stem from distracted driving.
Most motorists sing while driving
Singing aloud is something that more than half of Americans admit to doing on the road, according to a DMEautomotive poll.
Even a slight amount of alcohol increases the risk of filing an auto insurance claim due to a car crash.
Even low doses of alcohol too much for driving, report finds
A University of California, San Diego study suggests that any amount of alcohol consumption is a vehicle operation safety hazard.
Of the 11 so-called "minicars" that were tested, only one received an acceptable rating in the small overlap front crash test.
IIHS: Minicars test poorly in crash analysis
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says the 2014 crop of tiny automobiles are the worst performing in crash testing.
She added that they also want to personalize their cars by adding special features to it that are in line with their personality types.
False alarm? Young people still interested in driving
A J.D. Power and Associates study adds to the evidence suggesting that young people are, in fact, desirous of vehicle ownership.
Cinco de Mayo - like many other days of observance - is often associated with drinking.
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo responsibly, MADD advises
Mothers Against Drunk Driving urges those taking part in Cinco de Mayo festivities to make safety a priority.
Hi-tech advancements are adding to motorists' convenience.
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems in the works
The U.S. Department of Transportation says that cars will one day have the ability to 'talk' to each other.
Only two states - Wyoming and Tennessee - have child passenger restraint laws mandating that all kids under the age of 8 use booster seats, the CDC report indicated.
CDC: Highway fatalities among children plummet
A new government report indicates that deaths involving young kids in car crashes slid more than 40 percent in the past decade.
Entrepreneurs can help through indirect strategies by reducing their company's carbon footprint.
Traffic congestion increases in 2013
Driving services company INRIX reveals that the nation's roadways were more strained last year, pumping more harmful gases into the atmosphere.
Even a slight amount of alcohol increases the risk of filing an auto insurance claim due to a car crash.
Even low doses of alcohol too much for driving, report finds
A University of California, San Diego study suggests that any amount of alcohol consumption is a vehicle operation safety hazard.
South Dakota is trying to become the latest one to pass a ban that would prevent motorists from texting while behind the wheel.
Attempt to ban texting and driving
South Dakota could be the 42nd state to prohibit motorists from texting.
For those who enjoy the outdoors, a preferred vehicle purchase is the sport-utility vehicle.
2014's best SUVs for the money
Kelley Blue Book indicates that the Honda CR-V is the best SUV to buy that's less than $25,000.
Generation Y - defined as individuals born somewhere between the mid-1970s and the early-to- mid-1990s - are showing a high degree of attraction for vehicles.
Vehicle ownership intrigue rises among ages 40 and under
A Deloitte report suggests that Generation Y is particularly enthralled with the idea of buying or leasing a car.
Additionally, there was a 2% decline in crash injuries that required medical attention.
Traffic deaths drop in 2013, preliminary numbers show
Early estimates suggest fewer people died on the roads last year, according to analysis from the National Safety Council.
He added that this most recent analysis provides an alternative view, suggesting that women like to instill a sense of life into their vehicles, as they also tend to be more likely to attach a gender to them, typically being male.
Meet Betsy – April Fools or not?
Roughly one-fifth of consumers give their vehicles a name, typically starting with the letter 'B.'
And, in the short amount of time that 2014 has been here, news headlines have been chock full of examples for why readiness is a key component of motor vehicle operation.
Massive accidents calls for motorists to drive prepared
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has assembled some suggestions for how to be ready when there's an emergency on the roads.
As a general rule, new cars can be more expensive to insure than pre-owned vehicles.
New car sales in 2014 expected to outpace a strong 2013
Kelley Blue Book predicts that more than 16 million new cars will be sold this year.
Alcohol detection technology systems may help reduce the impact of drunk driving.
Automakers continue researching anti-drunk driving technology
The Department of Transportation and the automotive industry hope that through research, modern-day technology can make impaired driving a non-issue.
ATV tires that are not meant  for the pavement may be to blame for the increase in ATV crashes.
Spike in ATV crashes on trafficked roadways
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that there were 1,700 ATV rider deaths around the country in a recent five-year period of analysis.
Among the issues addressed in the report on how to decrease the number of auto insurance claims stemming from accidents among the elderly include how technological advancements can enhance safety through vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.
NHTSA releases new traffic plan for nation's elderly
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the plan should help drivers 65 and over stay safe when they're traveling by vehicle.
It may also be due to drivers going several miles per hour over the speed limit in order to get to work on time.
Extra hour of daylight brings uptick in accidents
The Monday following Daylight Savings Time tends to result in more crashes, according to research.
Some individuals affected by the logjam indicated that it could have been avoided had they been sufficiently apprised of the impending storm.
Aberrant Atlanta snowstorm brings $25 million in insurance losses
Preliminary numbers indicate that the unusual snowstorm this past January in Atlanta was costly one.
As for whether car theft reports were mostly for mid-sized vehicles or large ones, mid-sized automobiles were more highly sought-after.
Thieves snatch up Toyota Camry with most regularity
More than 4,600 Camrys were stolen between 2009 and 2012, more than any other model in the large/mid-sized segment.
For example, if a vehicle looks worn but its mileage is low, further inquiry may be in order.
200,000 vehicles affected by odometer fraud each year
Carfax indicates that odometer fraud is a three-quarters of a billion dollar industry.
Survey reveals that among IEEE members, most believe that roughly 60% of today's cars will be internet-connected by 2025.
Most cars to introduce internet capabilities
Technology professionals project that in a little over a decade, six in every 10 cars will enable riders to log on to the world wide web.
Recently reported by NBC's "Today," wearing bulky winter coats while riding in a car can be a safety hazard - especially among children.
Heavy coats not conducive for seatbelts
Recently reported by NBC's "Today," wearing bulky winter coats while riding in a car can be a safety hazard - especially among children.
Many states are hesitant to raise the limit because motorists will often adjust their
Fewer speeding tickets after limit is raised
The Ohio State Patrol says tinkering with the speed limit has not led to more people driving too fast.
While the trucking industry has had to endure labor shortages, the industry as a whole is in solid territory.
Commercial vehicle registrations ease in 2013
The pace in which businesses wrote new registrations for commercial trucks in the first eight months of the year rose, but not by as much as expected.
General Motors had the highest share of vehicles in operation at 26.6%, followed by Ford at 19%. Chrysler tied with Toyota at 12.5% a piece, according to Experian.
Report: More cars on the road than ever before
Close to 250 million vehicles were registered between April and June 2013 - an all-time high, Experian Automotive reports.
Fewer teens driving due to cost concerns
Fewer teens driving due to cost concerns
The Highway Loss Data Institute says that the unemployment rate among teenagers has led to their driving less often.
More than 4,400 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2011 alone.
Walking while texting proves to be dangerous
More walkers are being injured in car accidents due to pedestrians' wireless device use. 
While there was an increased incidence of accidents around each of these festive periods, there was a 12% spike in auto accidents in the immediate lead-up and days following Dec. 25, and 18% more than the period surrounding Jan. 1.
Pre-Christmas days dangerous for drivers
Analysis from the University of Alabama suggests that the immediate days prior to Dec. 25 are the riskiest on the road, more so than Thanksgiving and New Year's.
The poll indicated that in approximately half of all cases, parents spurned the advice of the car seat manufacturer and opted to position their car seat based on the child's level of comfort.
Carseats - forward or rear facing?
Six in 10 parents in a recent poll turned their child car seats to forward facing earlier than they should have.
Innovative rearview video systems could help prevent car accidents
NHTSA recommends rearview video systems
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that by automakers making backup video recording technology standard, lives will be saved.
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