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For the third year in a row, the Toyota Motor Corp. is the undisputed king of the automaking world, selling more vehicles than any other nameplate worldwide.
Toyota is World's Top Automaker Once Again
Toyota Motor Corp. sold 10.2 million vehicles in 2014, the third year in a row that its sold more than any other nameplate in the world.
Replacing the front door offers among the highest returns on investment when it comes to renovating a residential property, according to a study conducted by
Homeowners Should Consider Front Door Replacement, Study Says
Homeowners can recoup nearly all of their renovation spending by upgrading their entry doors, based on a new study from
Gas prices have really gone through quite the transformation over the past several months.
Fuel Economy Still Overarching Concern for Car Buyers, Despite Dip in Gas Prices
Gas mileage is the main reason why new-vehicle owners go with their purchase, according to a new J.D. Power and Associates survey.
Based on a survey commissioned by Fannie Mae, a substantial number of mortgage executives for large lenders say they've eased credit standards as of late and that this trend will likely continue in 2015.
Credit Standards to Ease, Lenders Suggest
Perhaps in an effort to encourage buying, many mortgage companies say they're loosening the reins on loan qualification, according to a survey by Fannie Mae.
 Based on a recent poll, a substantial number of Americans say that they would pay more for a residence than they originally intended if they found a home that they knew was for them.
Many Willing to Spend More for the Right Home, Poll Finds
1 in 5 current homeowners went over budget on their residence because they liked it so much, according to a survey from BMO Harris Bank.
Real estate near the ocean not only makes for a beautiful sight, but residences tend to be much more valuable compared to properties inland.
Study: Waterfront Real Estate Prices Double that of Inland Residences
The median value of properties near to an ocean or lake is two times higher than non-waterfront homes, Zillow recently found.
Fortunately, there haven't been any major winter storms during this year's holiday sales events, but if there were, having the right business owners insurance policy can provide entrepreneurs with the revenue they would have gotten had they not been forced to close their doors during the holiday rush.
Holiday Season Reminds Business Owners to Have the Right Insurance
With about a week and half remaining before the festive holiday, small business owners are pulling out all the stops in the hopes that the busy buying season will translate into big sales, as this is typically the time of year where companies go from operating in the red to the black.
More than 8 in 10 cyber criminals - 86% - said they're confident about never facing repercussions for computer hacking attempts, Thycotic revealed in a poll.
Most Hackers Don't Think They'll Ever Be Caught, Poll Finds
More than 80% of confessed hacktivists believe their cyber warfare actions will go unpunished, according to recent polling from Thycotic.
If you happen to own an e-commerce company, Nov. 30 has the potential to be your biggest, most profitable day of the year.
How to Get Your Company Ready for Cyber Monday
Suggestions for how to properly prepare for what is typically the biggest Internet-based shopping day on the calendar.
The signature kickoff to the holiday season has the potential to be a stellar 24-hour period for the nation's retailers, hoping to woo shoppers through their doors by enticing them with rock-bottom prices.
Retailers Prepare for Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving could be the 11th consecutive year of being store owners' biggest sales period.
More than half of employers in a recent poll indicated that they have hired someone in the past who they would consider as a "job hopper."
4 Ways to Maintain a Happy Workplace
These tips can help you keep a workforce that has no desire to go anywhere else.
There's another special sales event that takes place around this time that's getting increased attention any may at some point eclipse Black Friday in popularity: Small Business Saturday.
Take Advantage of November's Small Business Saturday
In 2013, close to $6 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday, which this year falls on Nov. 29.
When it comes to which consumers are the most common purchasers of new vehicles, baby boomers tend to buy more all-new cars than their younger counterparts, based on the results of a new survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates.
Baby Boomers Big Buyers of New Vehicles, Report Finds
In year-to-date sales, consumers in their 50s and 60s have purchased the most new cars, according to J.D. Power and Associates.
Used car prices are projected to decline rather precipitously in the forthcoming months, largely due to the frequency with which people are buying all-new automobiles.
Used Car Prices to Lower Thanks to Surging New-Car Sales
Recent analysis indicates used car prices are anticipated to slide to levels not seen since 2008.
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
More Americans Delaying Entry into Real Estate Market
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety applauded the U.S. House of Representatives for passing The National Windstorm Impact Reduction Act, which was up for reauthorization.
Windstorm Bill Being Considered by Lawmakers
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety recently recognized the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a bill that would help protect structures from wind-related damage threats.
Approximately 99% of temporary and contract employees who want to be permanent workers accomplish this goal, the American Staffing Association reported.
Poll: Vast Majority of Temporary Workers Go On to Become Full-timers
Contract employment almost always results in becoming a regular worker, according to new polling data from the American Staffing Association.
Homeowners insurance provide the funds you need to get things back in order, but as with most other things in life, there's a process and order for how to go about filing a claim.
4 Steps to Filing an Insurance Claim
Speed up the claims filing process with these tips after property loss.
A new study shows more car shoppers don't plan to haggle for a lower price
Haggling Not a Concern For Many Car Buyers
Less than 20% of auto shoppers say they're 'extreme price grinders,' according to an poll.
With this being the second Monday of October, the nation celebrates Columbus Day - as on this day 522 years ago, Italian discoverer Christopher Columbus set sail to discover the new world.
The History of Columbus Day
How Columbus Day came to be and why it's still considered to be controversial.
In an industry first, sport utility vehicles and crossovers are now more popular among consumers interested in purchasing a new car, according to the findings of a survey performed by IHS Automotive.
SUV Supplants Sedan as Most Popular Vehicle Body Type
Sport utility vehicles represent a larger portion of the new-vehicle market, according to a new report from IHS Automotive.
After a year's that's been replete with automotive recalls due to safety issues, a surprising new study reveals that safety takes a backseat to price when it comes to the factors that consumers consider before purchasing a new vehicle.
Poll: Consumers Value Price Over Safety
More car buyers say the affordability of a vehicle has a bigger influence on their decision to purchase a vehicle than safety history, according to YouGov.
There are five states in which repair costs are extremely expensive, serving as a further incentive to keep your car properly maintained.
The 5 Most Expensive States to Get Your Car Fixed
A new report shows why you should aim to properly maintain the upkeep of your vehicle.
A new survey shows fewer people are shopping around for auto insurance.
Fewer Consumers Shopping Around for Auto Insurance Coverage
New polling data from TransUnion suggests the rate of auto insurance shopping has declined.
Labor Day - which is celebrated the first Monday in September - has long been a part of America's tradition.
Celebrating the American Worker
Labor Day has been an official national holiday for 120 years.
A new poll shows that texting hasn't fallen by the wayside completely, and calls are still the norm.
People Still Call More Than Text, Poll Suggests
When in-person conversations can't be had, consumers say they'd rather call than text.
Anyone looking for a good car for under $8,000 should check out the most recent Kelley Blue Book.
Supply of Affordable Priced Cars Grows
Kelley Blue Book recently named the best cars that sell for less than $8,000.
When it comes to more time or more money, most Americans would take a bigger check over more personal time.
Pay Raise vs. Vacation Time?
An overwhelming majority of Americans say that they'd rather be compensated more robustly than additional time to themselves.
This year's Kelley Blue Book outlines the greenest cars on the market today.
'Greenest' Cars of 2014
Kelley Blue Book says fuel-efficient buyers can't go wrong with the 2014 BMW i3.
For those who are number savvy, a career as a mathematician is looking like a good choice.
2014's Best Job Is…
Mathematician has been declared 2014's best job. The growth rate for math teachers is expected to surge 23% by 2022, according to a new CareerCast report.
Americans 'Going Green' When Remodeling
Americans 'Going Green' When Remodeling
A survey done by the National Association of Home Builders finds that remodelers are increasingly doing projects that improve home efficiency.
In a test asking respondents some basic questions about rental laws, roughly 47% of tenants and approximately half of landlords, on average, answered the queries incorrectly.
Poll: Rental laws still unclear
Approximately two-thirds of renters erroneously believe that their landlord can end a leasing agreement prematurely for family-related reasons, according to Zillow.
There are certain parts of the country where traffic congestion is particularly high, prompting workers to give themselves plenty of extra time so that they can be more punctual.
Traffic used as justification for tardiness
A new CareerBuilder survey reveals some of the more common and unusual excuses Americans use to explain why they came in late to work.
A new report has confirmed that pickup trucks and mid-size SUVs have the highest retention values.
SUVs and pickup trucks retain value
The midsize pickup truck with the highest retention value is the Toyota Tacoma, according to new analysis from the National Automobile Dealers Association.
A new study has found Americans are willing to spend higher amounts on their wedding day than in the past.
Americans broaden budgets for wedding expenses
Not including the honeymoon, the average couple spent nearly $30,000 for their wedding last year, according to The
Workers compensation insurance for business owners can help provide entrepreneurs with the funds needed should an employee be out of work for an extended period of time due to injury.
Most employees say they've worked while being ill
An OfficeTeam poll indicates that approximately 70% of Americans have put in an eight-hour day on the job even though they were sick.
They also stressed that business owners should better examine the failures that occur when injuries happen at the workplace and what potential solutions might fix the problem.
Entrepreneurs to delve deeper into injury reports
The American Society of Safety Engineers indicates that businesses should be more analytical when drawing up on-the-job injury accounts.
Spring is flood season, which puts property owners at risk if they don't have a plan in place.
Should the NFIP be privately owned and operated
Governor Chris Christie says the National Flood Insurance Program would be better off if the government weren't involved, but experts say that costs may rise as a result.
The more than two decade streak of the Lab being the most popular breed is the longest reign for any one variety of dog in AKC's history.
Labrador Retriever maintains dominance in breed popularity
Large breeds were preferred over smaller ones in 2013, according to numbers released by the American Kennel Club.
For more than half a century, America has been officially celebrating entrepreneurs through the annual Small Business Week.
SBA launches 2014 National Small Business Week
The Small Business Administration kicks off the 51st annual event that pays tribute to the U.S. Entrepreneur.
The report found that more than half of U.S. companies experienced fraud that was at least a $100,000 hit, with nearly one in 10 being impacted to the tune of $5 million or more.
Report: U.S. companies more frequently on receiving end of fraud
Nearly half of business owners in the U.S. say they've been affected by fraud, higher than the global average, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.
She added that they also want to personalize their cars by adding special features to it that are in line with their personality types.
False alarm? Young people still interested in driving
A J.D. Power and Associates study adds to the evidence suggesting that young people are, in fact, desirous of vehicle ownership.
The average flood insurance payout last year for those who filed a claim was roughly $22,400 between March and June.
Spring season brings flood risk, PCI advises
The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America reminds homeowners to be mindful of the chance for flooding.
Approximately four in 10 U.S. business executives consider cyber attacks to be a top priority, versus only 20% of company owners in Europe.
U.S. companies outperforming Europe in cyber alertness
New survey data indicates business owners in the U.S. are taking hi-tech threats more seriously compared to Europe.
Hi-tech advancements are adding to motorists' convenience.
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems in the works
The U.S. Department of Transportation says that cars will one day have the ability to 'talk' to each other.
Entrepreneurs can help through indirect strategies by reducing their company's carbon footprint.
Traffic congestion increases in 2013
Driving services company INRIX reveals that the nation's roadways were more strained last year, pumping more harmful gases into the atmosphere.
Something else to be mindful of is the payment total as listed on the W-2 and one's pay stub for 2013, which should have a final number for how much income was earned last year.
Tax filing tips for procrastinators
The American Payroll Association offers some last-minute recommendations for completing income tax returns.
Many company managers may make volunteer opportunities available for their workers.
Volunteering a focus for millions of Americans
More than one-quarter of adults in the U.S. made their services available in 2012 without being compensated, according to a recent report.
Information security experts say that these attempts will continue to be made, something that business owners can't afford to have happen to them.
Despite concern, few working to prevent data breach
The Target breach hasn't resulted in people being more conscientious about their financial dealings, according to an AP-GfK poll.
Approximately 50% of respondents to a survey performed by staffing service firm OfficeTeam indicated that their "lunch hour" is more often than not 30 minutes in overall length.
Most Americans lunch at work for 30 minutes or less
Only 38% of workers say their lunch hour is in reality 60 minutes, according to an OfficeTeam poll.
Many Americans expect homes to become more equipped with smart technology, or interfaces that allow consumers to access the Internet through devices like televisions, DVD players, home security systems and thermostats.
Embracing a world of 'Internet of Everything'
A new survey indicates that U.S. consumers anticipate more of their world being connected with the World Wide Web.
In 2013, more than 3.5 million cars were sold via the Internet that had an open recall order in effect.
Millions of cars purchased by consumers in 2013 had open recalls
Carfax says that 3.5 million vehicles were sold via the Internet in 2013 that were subject to a recall order.
Roughly two months into the study, the vast majority of workers had little to no pain symptoms stemming from typing.
Ergonomic keyboards no better than standard
A University of Pittsburgh professor finds that keyboards meant to be easier on the joints aren't much better than the normal kind.
Though it may come as a surprise, the U.S. is one of the few high income countries where paid vacation time is not a requirement.
Few doctors get four weeks of vacation
Radiologists and anesthesiologists are the only doctors where at least half get to enjoy four weeks of time off from work, according to a new survey.
According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, roughly 5% of revenues that organizations lose each year stems from fraud, including occupational fraud.
Business owners rarely report employee crime to police
A new University of Cincinnati study finds that only 16% of small business owners utilize law enforcement when a worker steals from the company.
The report also indicated that roughly 50% of the chicken breasts that were sampled had one or more strands of bacterium that were resistant to multiple types of antibiotics.
Consumer Reports indicates food-borne illness found on nearly all chicken breasts
More than nine in 10 of the chicken breasts analyzed by Consumer Reports tested positive for bacteria late last year, all of which were purchased at grocery stores.
In recognition of National Kick Butts Day, it’s important to acknowledge that for the third straight year, smoking among the nation's young people fell.
Youth smoking rate plummets in 2013
New government data finds that junior high and high schoolers are lighting up less frequently.
In a recent poll, employees noted that they would not use all of their sabbatical time.
Many workers leave vacation time on the table
For third consecutive year, most employees in the U.S. didn't take all of their time off in 2013.
Some individuals affected by the logjam indicated that it could have been avoided had they been sufficiently apprised of the impending storm.
Aberrant Atlanta snowstorm brings $25 million in insurance losses
Preliminary numbers indicate that the unusual snowstorm this past January in Atlanta was costly one.
As a general rule, workplaces appear to be getting more done thanks to fewer workers compensation insurance claims being filed due to an injury or serious illness.
Poll indicates Tuesday top day for work productivity
Four in every 10 human resources managers in an Accountemps poll point to the second day of the week as the one where the most work gets done.
For example, in the northern city of Elyria, more than a dozen water mains broke inside of two weeks.
Ohio businesses feel effects of damaging cold
The subzero temperatures in January forced many Ohio-based companies to close their doors temporarily in order to thaw out frozen water pipes.
As the DOJ defines it, identity theft is the misuse or attempted misuse of an existing account for underhanded purposes.
Report: Identity theft pervasive threat in 2012
Nearly 10% of Americans over the age of 16 had their identities stolen two years ago, according to newly released government data.
Other frequent sources of injury included repetitive motions, being struck by an object or machinery, a motor vehicle accident or workplace violence.
One in five seriously hurt while working
Injuries on the job are fairly commonplace, according to a new poll.
Perhaps the biggest reason why Christmas trees are particularly flammable the longer they're up has to do with their drying out.
Christmas decorations still up? Why it's time to take them down
Homeowners and renters who leave their holiday ornaments up for a long time increase their risk for a fire.
No matter what men and women decide to get for their significant other, it's important to protect it with the appropriate type of insurance.
Protecting your Valentine
Due to the high price of jewelry, it's important that men and women insure it so that it can be replaced if it's damaged, stolen or lost.
For example, the survey found that among those who made more than $150,000, nearly one-third said their greatest aspiration was to build an emergency fund.
Saving money leading goal for New Year's once again
Just under 40% of Americans say that saving is their top financial aim over the next 12 months.
For example, if a vehicle looks worn but its mileage is low, further inquiry may be in order.
200,000 vehicles affected by odometer fraud each year
Carfax indicates that odometer fraud is a three-quarters of a billion dollar industry.
At the state level, 49 of the 50 witnessed growth in hiring activity within the retail sector, establishing net job losses at minus-1%.
Holiday help increased in 2013
Human resources and professional employer organization TriNet indicates hiring for seasonal work rose by nearly 30% in 2013 compared to the previous year.
No matter what industry entrepreneurs are now involved in, success is often determined by preparing for the unexpected - surprises that can come in a variety of forms.
Career path trends for today's executives
A new poll finds that close to seven in 10 execs didn't foresee themselves in their current roles.
These expenses include, among other things, auto insurance, gasoline, repairs, regularly-scheduled maintenance, parking, tickets, tolls, taxes, registration tags and title fees.
$600 a month to experience the open road finds that it may be becoming too cost-prohibitive for the nation's youngest motorists to get behind the wheel.
The poll also revealed that there's something consumers find to be special about buying local.
Consumers prefer in-person shopping to web-based
Approximately 70% of shoppers say they would rather buy merchandise at a brick-and-mortar store than via the Internet.
While most who will be in attendance are likely from the area, many will be flying in from out of town.
Are you ready for the Super Bowl?
The Insurance Information Institute says adequate coverage is a key component of making one's residence available for rent - whether for the Super Bowl or any other special occasion.
Another issue for entrepreneurs, the study found, is malware, which is damaging software that's embedded stealthily in seemingly innocuous links that can cause serious problems for a network or personal computer.
Mobile device popularity increasing security risks for businesses
A new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute finds that cyber security is becoming more difficult to control due to increased Internet access on the go.
Separate data indicated that consumers didn't necessarily rush into home purchase decisions.
Report: Home sales speedy last year
Zillow says that in September, homes were purchased 30 days faster than during the same time in 2012
The survey also found that financial planners spend a good portion of their working day in constant contact with customers, as 87% said that advising clients was their primary role.
Poll: Financial planners love what they do
Survey data from the Certified Financial Board of Standards shows that the majority of financial advisors are highly satisfied with their career choice.
In 2012, more than half of small businesses had to deal with a cyber threat of some kind, many of which attacked companies’ sensitive organizational data.
Cyber Security Awareness Month a success, but was it enough?
Hundreds of business owners joined the anti-cybercrime movement this past October, but concerns about Target's recent security breach emphasize the need for cyber protection.
Approximately 10 million firms in the U.S. are operated by women, overseeing more than 13 million employees and contributing about $2 trillion in sales to the U.S. economy.
Job positions filled by women at record levels
The Institute for Women's Policy Research says that women surpassed their previous employment peak in November.
It's clear to see that Americans are invested in ensuring that businesses are doing their part to become more green-friendly.
Consumers expect environmental responsibility
A new survey from the Carton Council of North America shows why companies ought to make environmental awareness a priority.
More than 96% of those polled said that they like to receive some type of information about sales at the stores they frequent.
Survey: Sales events bring greater loyalty
The vast majority of consumers say that when they're informed about markdowns on regularly purchased products, they're more likely to go back.
While retailers in previous years have opened their doors on Thanksgiving, this was done to a greater extent this past holiday season - a move which proved to be a financially successful one.
Sales soared during 'Black Weekend'
Door-buster discounts had their intended effect for Christmas 2013, evidenced by consumers spending more.
Some states have a larger ratio of older homes to new ones than others, particularly in Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Report: U.S. has an aged housing inventory
RealtyTrac indicates that nearly three-quarters of residences in the country are pre-internet era.
The poll, which questioned approximately 900 executives from companies that had an international presence, discovered that 93% of respondents intended to change their business profile in 2014 so that it was noticeably different compared to all the previous years in which they were established.
2014 to bring rejuvenated business models
New polling data suggests than nine in 10 business owners want to makeover their business objectives and functions.
Penny-pinching consumers can provide greater protection for their gifts by adding them to standard homeowners or renters insurance policies.
Will the shutdown affect holiday purchase activity
Recent polls suggest that the shuttering of government spending may have had a heavy influence on buying behavior this holiday season.
For much of the year, there's been an inverse relationship, meaning that when gas prices go down, sentiment goes up and vice versa.
Survey finds link between gas prices and consumer sentiment
Polling data from the National Association of Convenience Stores reveals what effect the cost of fuel has on buyer attitudes.
With a greater likelihood of flooding, families may be more inclined to purchase flood insurance.
Smaller storms as powerful as Sandy
Tufts University analysts believe that rising sea levels will make relatively weak hurricanes more damaging.
Job applicants are resorting to unique ways to land positions.
Unique interview styles
From crafting a cover letter to resemble a wedding invitation, to performing a musical number, a CareerBuilder survey reveals some unique interview styles.
Millenials are most likely to inform hotel staff members if their wishes aren't being accommodated to their satisfaction.
New generation of business travelers speak up
New study shows what 18-to-30-year-olds are like when traveling for business or pleasure purposes.
Despite alcohol's availability, respondents pointed out that it is a one-of-a-kind product that not just anyone should be able to access.
Survey: Consumers respect liquor laws
A poll performed by the Center for Alcohol Policy finds that Americans think the regulations on alcohol are appropriate.
Shoppers are searching for more options from internet companies.
Consumers expect strong service from e-retailers
As e-commerce spending increases, shoppers demand a higher standard from internet companies.
Nursing home facilities tend to see the highest number of accidents and injuries among workers.
Healthcare industry struggles with employee injuries
New research says that the healthcare sector saw a high prevalence of accidents in 2011 among workers.
Traditionally, auto insurance costs tend to be more affordable for vehicles that are pre-owned.
2014 new car sales to flirt with record levels predicts new car sales next year have the potential to be on par with what was witnessed in 2006.
Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Oregon, Kentucky and Washington rounded out the 10 states where recycling centers were the most abundant in recyclables.
Study: Northeast recycling centers most productive
Environmental sustainability is a standard many Northeasterners are living up to, as many recycling businesses there are operating at full capacity.
Cyber Monday traffic in 2012 peaked right around 11:30 in the morning, followed by another strong surge of sales activity just after 9:00 p.m.
Effectively preparing for Cyber Monday
The most important component of the event for online retailers is ensuring that the website will be able to handle added volume.
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