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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The poll also revealed that approximately one in every three respondents had not consulted with an insurance agent in the past year.
Few Americans scrutinize insurance policies before buying
Four in 10 consumers say they've never researched insurance prior to purchasing a plan, according to a survey from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America.
Census Bureau numbers illustrated that about four in 10 moved to a location that was within 50 miles of their former home.
Many on the move last year
The U.S. Census Bureau says that the mover rate held steady from 2012 through 2013.
In order to get the most out of every tailgating event, football and food enthusiasts need a reliable vehicle.
The best cars for tailgating season recently announced its selections for the vehicles that are the most tailgate- friendly.
Approximately 33% of adults are either currently helping, or planning to assist, their kids with tuition and student fees.
Poll: One-third of adults helping kids pay for college
New survey data shows that families are often sharing education expenses.
Home construction crews throughout the country aim to ensure homes don’t endure flood damage
Building a home with an eye toward flood avoidance
The Federal Emergency Management Agency says homeowners can reduce their risk for flood damage with the proper flooring plan.
Homeowners need to ensure they’re prepared in the event of an emergency.
Responding with swiftness when emergencies occur
Americans are urged to take part in National Preparedness Month.
Landlords are ensuring smoking bans are becoming the norm at rental properties across the country.
More landlords adhering to smoking bans
Renters may be forced to quit if they want to live in an apartment.
Managers of daycare centers need to ensure their safety measures are up-to-standard.
Indiana daycare centers operating under heightened scrutiny
Childcare services in Indiana now have to go through stricter protocols after an accidental drowning occurred in 2012.
Selective works hard to maintain a high A.M. Best rating.
Highly Rated Insurance Organizations Recognized by A.M. Best
Selective is proud to be one of many companies nationwide to maintain a high rating by the agency.
Taking care of your lawn, plants and other greenery on your property could increase its value.
Effective landscaping can increase property values
The Appraisal Institute says that a home's worth can be enhanced greatly through proper lawn management.
Consumers enjoy using technology for business, but prefer meeting with insurance agents one-on-one to secure policies.
Customers opt in favor of agents over technology for purchasing insurance products
When it comes to buying coverage policies, insurance customers say they'd rather buy from an actual person versus through a digital medium.
With professional help, tax day doesn’t have to be a pain for those filing.
Four ways to make Tax Deadline Day less worrisome
April 15 is one of the most stressful days of the year for Americans. Here's how to make it like any other day.
After-parties can lead to liability issues for homeowners holding post-prom bashes.
Be aware of your kids' after-prom parties
Many kids will attend post-prom gatherings after the last dance, where alcohol may be available.
The III advises homeowners to insure their high-priced belongings.
Spring cleaning? Don't forget about insurance
The Insurance Information Institute explains why individuals may want to insure belongings they put in storage.
Diamond rings are certainly a Valentine's gift buyers may want to insure.
How to properly protect your expensive Valentine's Day gift
Protect your expensive diamond rings, gadgets and other Valentine’s Day gifts with appropriate insurance coverage.
Americans seem to be in favor of domestic green energy.
Poll: Americans place a high priority on green energy
A recent survey indicates consumers don't want lawmakers to abandon renewable forms of energy in an effort to rely less on foreign oil. They're also largely opposed to fracking.
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