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Insurance for Mid to Large-Sized Businesses

Insurance for Mid to Large-Sized Businesses
Americans spent over $14 billion last year by buying from small businesses.
4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Limit Liabilities
It's key that entrepreneurs have a system established that offers protection from liability, a risk that never fully goes away.
Entrepreneurship has reached record-breaking territory in the U.S., according to a new survey.
Entrepreneurship At Record Levels, Study Suggests
More than 1 in 10 Americans are entrepreneurs, the highest ratio for the U.S. ever, according to a newly released report.
Without information-sharing, the effectiveness of cyber security is a roll of the dice, the casino industry says.
Casinos Ask For Government's Help To Combat Cyber Crime
The American Gaming Industry is calling on Washington to pass a bill that would encourage information-sharing between the government and business sectors.
Employees who are sick with the flu should stay home to keep the flu from spreading.
3 Essential Steps To Keeping Your Workplace Flu Free
Flu season is here once again, but there are things you can do to help you and your workplace steer clear of its effects.
Ice dams can cause leakage problems affecting the roof that often bleed into the ceiling.
How To Protect Your Business From The Polar Vortex
Should the polar vortex makes its unwelcome appearance this winter, these tips can help you avoid its damaging effects.
Effectively taking the pulse of how your company is performing includes reviewing your insurance package.
Business Insurance: Why It's Never A Bad Time For A Review
If you haven't taken a minute to look over your business owners insurance, you could be underinsured without knowing it.
Establishing a safety culture is an ideal way to keep workers off the disabled list. ,Establishing a safety culture is an ideal way to keep workers off the disabled list.
Easy Ways To Enhance Workplace Safety
Keeping your workers safe and on the job is key to a successful business and increased productivity.
Consumers say their distrustful of companies' capacity to protect their personal information from exposure.
Consumers Less Sure Of Companies' Data Security Capabilities
More than 6 in 10 consumers say they've lost faith in businesses' ability to protect their financial information from hackers. 
Oct. 5-9 is Customer Experience Week.
How To Provide Customers With A Top Notch Experience
Customers reward business owners for positive experiences with their hard-earned dollar and loyalty.
1 in 3 Americans by 2060 will be of Hispanic origin, according to estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.
How Businesses Can Best Serve The Hispanic Community
Hispanics contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. economy each year, making them a key demographic for companies to thrive financially.
Preparedness and emergency planning is crucial to a business' sustainability when disaster strikes.
Don't Let September Go By Without Preparing
Before National Preparedness Month ends, take some time to go over your disaster planning strategy. 
Businesses that volunteer wind up getting back much more than they give up.
3 Reasons Volunteering Is Good For Your Business
Companies that give back to worthy causes - whether a well-recognized national charity or a local community - tend to reap significant rewards.
Flash flooding can bring commerce to a virtual standstill.
What Business Owners Can Do To Assess Their Risk For Flooding
Every state has experienced flooding in the last five years, making flooding perhaps the most critical natural disaster to be concerned about.
The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, which is part of the reason why some public policy organizations think it's time to get rid of it.
High Tax Rate On Businesses Hurts Economy, Public Policy Group Says
The National Center for Policy Analysis says the time has come to abolish the corporate tax rate, noting that its excessive cost is making life harder for the average business owner. 
Rewards motivate staff to "bring it" every time they come to work.
Rewarding Your Employees: A Win-Win Scenario
Recognizing workers for their efforts and achievements makes everyone better off in the end. 
A growing business is rewarding and challenging that brings with it changes that need to be accounted for.
Why Business Insurance Is Important To A Growing Business
Change can be a good thing when you're a business owner, but those changes needs to be addressed by updating your business insurance policy.
More than half of all management positions are held by women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
How Women Have Evened The Playing Field In The Workplace
Approximately 51% of all management positions in the United States are held by women, proof positive of the strides made towards equality.
Farmers are in dire need of water, as the harsh effects of drought are plaguing a quarter of the country.
One Quarter of U.S. Experiencing Drought
It isn't just California that's seen limited amounts of rainfall this year, as the East Coast has been hard hit by drought as well.
By most estimates, New York City is the most expensive place to live, and by extension, to run a business.
5 Costly Cities For Running A Business
From food prices to overhead, these are some of the more expensive locations in the country to run a business.
Schools must ensure that students can be transported quickly when there's a crisis going on.
Report: States, Schools Falling Behind In Child Safety
The vast majority of safety recommendations made by Save The Children have not been fully met, according to a new progress report from the non-governmental organization.
Just because energy use usually increases in the summer doesn't mean you have to pay more compared to other periods of the year.
4 Reliable Ways To Lower Your Business' Electric Bill
During the summer when energy use often peaks, these tips can help lower your utility expenses.
Your workers should be drinking throughout the day in the summer months to stay hydrated and avoid the risk of heat-related illness.
How To Stay Hydrated When Temperatures Climb
The best way to counter the effects of dehydration is by drinking plenty of nourishing liquids.
More than 20% of structure fires in the U.S. each year are non-residential, according to estimates from the National Fire Protection Association.
5 Ways To Reduce Your Business' Exposure To Fire Risk
Approximately 1 in 5 structure fires per year affect small businesses, according to estimates from the National Fire Protection Association.
If shoplifting incidents weren't enough, businesses also have to keep tabs on cyber security threats.
Beware Of Data Theft
More businesses than ever are vulnerable to data theft and the damage that it entails, both for entrepreneurs and consumers.
Tornadoes are arguably the most destructive weather force.
What To Do When A Tornado Strikes
Knowing what to do in the event of a tornado can protect you from harm when Mother Nature rears its ugly head in the form of a twister.
Incident management is an important component of running a business, both for owners and employees.
Many Workers Unsure Of What To Do In Emergency
A recent poll conducted by CareerBuilder found that nearly 25% of workers wouldn't know how to best protect themselves in a crisis situation.
No company is immune to a cyber attack - not even seasonal businesses.
Even Seasonal Businesses Can Be Exploited By Data Breaches
Despite being open less often, seasonal businesses must be mindful about cyber security.
Most workers will be taking some much needed time off for Memorial Day, one of the few holidays that come with pay.
Most Workers Getting Paid Time Off To Observe National Holiday
Most business owners will be giving their workers paid time off for Fourth of July celebrations, a new poll from Bloomberg shows. 
Most workers say they don't take issue with paying a little something to provide for office party necessities, based on a new poll.
Most Workers 'A-OK' With Chipping In For Office Parties
Provided it's every once in awhile and not all the time, a majority of employees have no problem with being asked to contribute to pay for staff celebrations, according to an OfficeTeam poll.
Flying golf balls are among the accidents that lead to injuries on the golf course.
Fore! How Golfing Injuries Can Put Your Business 'Off Course'
More than 40,000 people each year in the United States are admitted to the hospital for golf-related injuries.
More than 80% of businesses expects a cyber attack this year, according to a new survey.
Poll: Most Business Owners EXPECT Hack Attempt This Year
More than 80% of companies believe they will be hit by a cyber crime in 2015, according to a newly released survey by ISACA and the RSA Conference.
These office safety tips can help ensure no one goes on the disabled list when moving supplies to the new address.
Safety Tips For Moving Your Business
These injury-preventive moving recommendations can help ensure that your workers avoid being hurt in the relocation process.
Wearable technology is no longer the province of consumers, but of employers as well.
Wearable Technology In The Workplace: A Concern For Employers?
When wearable technology is misused, it can lead to liability risks for business owners.
According to the National Educational Association, there are 3.1 million employed teachers in the United States.
Celebrating The Nation's Teachers
May 6 is National Teacher Day, which celebrates the fine work that educators perform on behalf of students so that they can contribute to societal development.  .
By being proactive, you as a business owner can prevent workplace injuries.
Basic Tips On How To Avoid Workplace Injuries
Being proactive about safety at the job site can help business owners avoid absenteeism and injury.
A new study from the U.S. Department of Education says that graduation rates are improving in the country, across all races and ethnicities.
Graduation Rates Improving Across The Board
Particularly among low-income communities, America's student body is making the grade, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Education.
Making out a checklist is a great way to determine if job candidates are a good fit.
4 Factors To Help You Find The Right Hire
With the economy on the move and job sentiment improving, these guidelines can help ensure you pick the right candidate for an open position.
There are 28 million small businesses in the United States.
Paying Tribute To The 'Mom And Pop' Business Owner
March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, making it the perfect time to review your business owner insurance policy.
Malware is one of many cyber security threats that increase consumers' and business owners' vulnerability.
Cyber Crime May Be Even Bigger Threat Than Perceived To Be
A new study suggests that because the FBI doesn't keep tabs on cyber security incidents, breaches may be more common than experts realize.
Flooding can bring business operations to a grinding halt.
Flood Safety Awareness Week - During A Flood
The following tips should enable you to know what to do when in the midst of a flood event.
New polling data suggests that Americans who work from home get more done than they do at the office, benefitting both employees and employers who provide the opportunity.
Remote Work Paying Dividends For Employers, Employees
More than three quarters of employees who work from home say they're productivity increases, according to a recent survey.
Data exposure is a major threat to small business owners, demanding a reliable security system.
4 Ways To Keep Your Business Protected From Cyber Attacks
Nearly three-quarters of security breaches affect small businesses. These tips can help your company avoid becoming a statistic.
Snowfall has led to more people taking advantage of telecommuting.
Crippling Snow Leading Many to Work From Home
The non-stop snowfall in New England has led to business owners encouraging workers to stay home and get their jobs done from there.
Business owners can tap into a major customer market by being mindful of the mobile shopper.
How Mobile Devices Are Changing The Landscape For Business Owners
Consumers' ability to access the Internet from anywhere is creating new opportunities for them - and entrepreneurs.
Here are three ways to help retain your best workers.
How To Retain Your Best Employees
1 in 5 workers age 55 and older have held 10 jobs more in their careers, according to a recent poll from CareerBuilder.
No matter what your business, the customer should be your top priority.
Why The Customer Experience Is So Important
If you've been a business owners for a while, you've probably noticed that the customer experience has never been more important than it is today. Of course, the customer has always been valued - after all, their spending dollar determines whether a business will succeed or fail  - but with an ever increasing number of companies entering the global economy, winning consumers' patronage is ultimately a battle of whose services leave buyers wanting more.
As a business owner, you want everything to go just as it's planned without any problems. But with the nature of life being what it is, mistakes are often made.
What is Professional Liability Coverage?
When your company is negligent for an incident that causes harm, professional liability insurance can cover your losses.
Approximately 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses took place across the country in 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
3 Workplace Tips to Prevent Injury During the Winter
The cold and slippery conditions that are part and parcel of the winter season can increase the risk of injury and illness.
Approximately half of Americans say they recycle around three-quarters of all goods that are recyclable, according to a new poll from Kelton Global.
Why Business Owners May Want to Make 'Going Green' a New Year's Resolution
Half of Americans say they recycle 3 in every 4 recyclable items, suggesting that the environment is a top concern for many consumers.
 Based on a new survey, many workers are engaging in file-sharing practices that put their employers at risk of data theft or liability.
Employees Admit to 'Frequent' Risky File-sharing Behavior
More than 60% of workers say they've shared documents with someone they weren't supposed to.
In the U.S. alone, retail theft - colloquially known as "shrink," which comprises shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud as well as administrative errors - cost businesses approximately $42 billion last year, according to newly released statistics from Checkpoint Systems.
Employee Theft Cuts into Business Owners' Profits
More than 40% of retail crime is attributable to employees stealing, according to new data from Checkpoint Systems.
Survey: Most financial firms affected by potential data breach this year
Most Financial Firms Affected by Potential Data Breach This Year, Survey Reveals
93% of financial services firms say they have experienced a cyber threat on at least one occasion in the past year, according to a new poll.
Fortunately, there haven't been any major winter storms during this year's holiday sales events, but if there were, having the right business owners insurance policy can provide entrepreneurs with the revenue they would have gotten had they not been forced to close their doors during the holiday rush.
Holiday Season Reminds Business Owners to Have the Right Insurance
With about a week and half remaining before the festive holiday, small business owners are pulling out all the stops in the hopes that the busy buying season will translate into big sales, as this is typically the time of year where companies go from operating in the red to the black.
Despite the frequency with which companies have been attacked by cyber criminals and the lengths some have gone to avoid a breach, many companies aren't confident that their system will work, based on a recent poll.
Cyber Security: Business Owners Not Certain About Their Data Protection System
More than half of organizations say that they don't know if they could keep their data out of the wrong hands if their security system was compromised, according to a new SafeNet poll.
While the Internet has enabled individuals and businesses to learn, grow and stay connected, it can also be used for fraudulent or deceitful purposes.
Cyber Security: 3 Information Security Laws Everyone Should Know
Often referred to as the information superhighway, the Internet is used by 2.8 billion people throughout the world and as many as 85% of the North American population, according to statistical data.
While businesses are reacting by heightening their awareness and taking steps to prepare, many are still less than confident that their protection systems will stave off a security issue of their own.
Cyber Security: More Businesses Responding to Rise in Breach Threats
Nearly 75% of companies have a data breach response plan in place, according to a new report from Experian and the Ponemon Institute.
Business owners may be able to serve as the bridge their workers need to get and stay healthy by implementing an employee wellness program.
Keep Your Workers Healthy With a Wellness Program
More employers today are implementing wellness initiatives to improve productive and cut down and absenteeism.
If you happen to own an e-commerce company, Nov. 30 has the potential to be your biggest, most profitable day of the year.
How to Get Your Company Ready for Cyber Monday
Suggestions for how to properly prepare for what is typically the biggest Internet-based shopping day on the calendar.
Between July and September, more than 18,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were created in nearly half of the U.S.
Easy Ways Business Owners Can 'Go Green'
There are many policies entrepreneurs can implement that reduce their company's carbon footprint.
More than half of employers in a recent poll indicated that they have hired someone in the past who they would consider as a "job hopper."
4 Ways to Maintain a Happy Workplace
These tips can help you keep a workforce that has no desire to go anywhere else.
There's another special sales event that takes place around this time that's getting increased attention any may at some point eclipse Black Friday in popularity: Small Business Saturday.
Take Advantage of November's Small Business Saturday
In 2013, close to $6 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday, which this year falls on Nov. 29.
Among small business owners exclusively, more than $35 billion is spent annually to settle civil suits.
4 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Lawsuit
More than 15 million lawsuits are filed in the country each year, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.
There are many motivations that entrepreneurs have for launching their own business, some of them being strictly economical, while others find it to be the most practical option based on their skillset.
Passionate Business Owners Biggest Predictor of Success, Study Finds
A recent report suggests that people who are passionate about their companies tend to be the most well off financially.
If life were perfect, every employee you hire would be an upstanding individual who is honest to a fault.
3 Ways to Prevent Employee Dishonesty
Approximately 40% of occupational frauds are committed by employees, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Perhaps in light of the recent hacking attempts on businesses like Target, P.F. Chang's and Neiman Marcus, a majority of consumers are becoming more cognizant of the security of their online activity, according to the results of a recent survey.
Consumers More Conscious of Online Security, Survey Finds
Even though more people are aware of Internet threats, basic security measures often aren't taken, a new poll found.
A considerable number of entrepreneurs would overhaul the current system that they have in place, according to the results of a recent poll performed by the Ponemon Institute.
Survey: Business Owners Dubious of Their Cyber Security Framework
If given the opportunity to makeover their Internet protection, many company owners would take it, according to a new poll.
Businesses Need to Place Importance on Cyber Security
Businesses Need to Place Importance on Cyber Security
Less than half of company leaders don't prioritize cyber security, according to new statistics from PricewaterhouseCoopers.
A substantial number of Americans today believe it's permissible for employers to reprimand their workers for tweeting or posting something that they shouldn't have.
How to Develop a Social Media Policy for Your Business
Many workers believe companies have the right to discipline workers for inappropriate social media content postings, according to a YouGov survey. offers some strategies to business owners in need of a sound data protection plan.
Protecting Company Data from Hackers offers suggestions for business owners and entrepreneurs can fend off a data breach.
If you ask a small business owner about their career satisfaction, there's a good chance they'll be thrilled with their current position.
Most Small Business Owners Pleased with Career Choice
A new Gallup poll finds that most people who run a small business would not change their profession if they had the ability to.
Business owners confirm email is still one of the most important functions in the office
Business Owners Point to Email as Most Effective Means of Communication
Nearly 85% of managers say email is the best way to keep customers engaged.
A new poll shows many doctors believe their peers perform more tests than necessary.
Poll: Physicians Say Contemporaries Routinely Order Unnecessary Tests
As a hedge against liability, doctors say superfluous procedures are performed.
A new poll shows that texting hasn't fallen by the wayside completely, and calls are still the norm.
People Still Call More Than Text, Poll Suggests
When in-person conversations can't be had, consumers say they'd rather call than text.
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