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Preventing Damage to Your Property

Preventing Damage to Your Property
Preparedness and emergency planning is crucial to a business' sustainability when disaster strikes.
Don't Let September Go By Without Preparing
Before National Preparedness Month ends, take some time to go over your disaster planning strategy. 
A clean fireplace enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of a fire.
3 Basic Ways To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter
Before the cold weather settles in, these tips will help you get your fireplace ready so that's raring to go when Old Man Winter shows up. 
National Preparedness Month serves as the ideal time to take the precautions necessary for emergency situations.
September Is National Preparedness Month
This year's theme focuses on four of the more damaging types of environmental hazards: Flooding wildfires, hurricanes and power outages.
Make sure your trip to the festival is a good experience with these safety tips.
4 Tips To Stay Safe And Well At The Summer Festival
The following are all key components to ensuring a festival outing isn't marred by an unpleasant experience.
Most Americans try to put away at least $1,000 for their annual road trip, according to a new survey.
Most Americans Save Before Summer Road Trip, Poll Finds
A great way to save money while planning for vacation is through performing some basic automotive maintenance checks.
Searing sunlight combined with record warmth adds up to double trouble on your house's exterior.
How Extreme Heat, Sun Can Damage Your House
When temperatures climb in the summertime, residential foundations and roofs beg for mercy.
A security alarm is a reliable way to ward off residential theft.
4 Effective Ways Of Deterring Home Theft
Summer is a peak time of year for robberies, mainly because people are away on vacation.
Now's the time to prepare for the next big hurricane.
Calm Before The Storm Is Time To Prepare
The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet, but it's times like these that make it ideal to prepare for storms that do strike.
National Night Out helps promote the development of neighborhood crime watches.
Helping Neighbors Come Together Through National Night Out
The first Tuesday in August celebrates how neighborhood support and joint interests can prevent property crime.
More than 20% of structure fires in the U.S. each year are non-residential, according to estimates from the National Fire Protection Association.
5 Ways To Reduce Your Business' Exposure To Fire Risk
Approximately 1 in 5 structure fires per year affect small businesses, according to estimates from the National Fire Protection Association.
If shoplifting incidents weren't enough, businesses also have to keep tabs on cyber security threats.
Beware Of Data Theft
More businesses than ever are vulnerable to data theft and the damage that it entails, both for entrepreneurs and consumers.
Most Americans know someone who hoards things, according to a new survey.
Most People Know Someone Who Hoards, Survey Finds
More than half of Americans say they know of someone who has a problem with hoarding, according to a poll done by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.
Every 44 seconds, a car is stolen somewhere in the United States, according to NHTSA figures.
How To Steer Clear of Car Theft This Summer
July and August are the peak times of year for automotive theft in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Storm surge can produce towering waves, putting coastal properties in jeopardy.
Report: Storm Surge Threatens 6.6 Million Homes This Year
More than 6.6 million homes are at risk of being inundated by storm surge this hurricane season, according to a new estimate from CoreLogic.
The average wedding costs over $31,200, according to
Hosting A Wedding? Make Sure You're Properly Covered
With the average wedding costing more than $31,200, it's important to have the right type and amount of insurance in place.
More than two-thirds of Americans will travel over the summer, according to a recent Harris Poll.
What To Check Before This Summer's Road Trip
If you're taking to the roads this summer for a family vacation, make sure you give your ride a comprehensive pre-trip vehicle exam.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend with these grilling safety reminders.
How To Grill Safely This Memorial Day
Thousands of grilling fires happen each year in the United States, virtually all of which are preventable.
Over 61,000 bridges across the nation require significant repair work due to structural deficiencies, a new report argues.
US Roads, Bridges In Dire Need Of Repair, Report Suggests
More than 61,000 of the nation's bridges are considered 'structurally deficient,' according to a new estimate from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.
You should aim to clean out your gutters four times a year.
Spring Cleaning Your Home's Gutters
If you have a gutter system, you'll want to make sure that they're cleaned out this spring.
Roof damage is not one of those maintenance issues that can be put off to another time.
Roof Damaged? Don't Wait To Have It Fixed
If your roof needs to be repaired, procrastinating will only make things worse.
If it's been a year since you've replaced your alarms' batteries, switch them out when you turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend.
Check Your Alarms When Changing The Clocks
Make it a tradition to check your home's fire and carbon monoxide alarms whenever the clocks 'spring forward.'
Close to 60 million Americans are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke, according to new data from the CDC.
1 in 4 Americans Still Exposed To Secondhand Smoke, CDC Says
An estimated 58 million consumers are around SHS on a regular basis, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The thawing conditions brought on by spring can create flood problems.
Flood Safety Awareness Week - Before A Flood
These tips will give you the tools needed to prepare for a flood. 
If a new poll is reflective of the nation at large, many Americans are not putting money aside for maintenance-related tasks.
Homeowners Not Prepared for Maintenance Expenses, Poll Finds
Just one-third of homeowners has a budget for home repairs, according to a new survey.
Though it's still early in the 2015 season, the polar vortex is back - and with a vengeance.
How to Prepare for the Return of the Polar Vortex
These tips can help prevent your home from being victimized by Old Man Winter's wrath.
Homeowners insurance companies estimate that approximately 250,000 people annually see their water pipes freeze over due to bitterly cold temperatures.
Storm Juno Reminds Homeowners to Protect Their Water Pipes From Freeze
Nearly a quarter million homeowners experience frozen pipes each year.
Roughly 27% of the U.S. adult population are comprised of millennials.
Millennials' Insurance Needs
The up and coming generation has arrived, who now have insurance needs as adults with families of their own.
 Based on a new survey, many workers are engaging in file-sharing practices that put their employers at risk of data theft or liability.
Employees Admit to 'Frequent' Risky File-sharing Behavior
More than 60% of workers say they've shared documents with someone they weren't supposed to.
The Atlantic coast and the Midwest were two regions of destination for Americans changing addresses this past summer.
Washington, D.C., Chicago Top Moving Destinations This Year
The nation's capital and Illinois' most populated city were prime areas to which families relocated this summer, according to United Van Lines.
One unfortunate aspect of live Christmas trees is that they're highly flammable and have been responsible for a number of homeowners insurance claims.
5 Steps to Avoid a Holiday Catastrophe
Though rare, Christmas tree fires occur every year, but they all can be prevented with the proper fire safety awareness.
For the past 90 years, the National Fire Protection Association has sponsored the seven-day awareness period, which takes place between Oct. 5 and 11.
Fire Prevention Week Focuses on Smoke Detector Maintenance
Close to two-thirds of the deaths resulting from a structure fire are those where an alarm wasn't present or inoperable, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
Experts say there's no excuse for not installing or using a fire sprinkler system
Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Lives and Homes
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety says homeowners should consider installing a sprinkler system, as the benefits can be significant.
As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, more have a clear idea of what they’re home will look like.
Baby boomers confident retirement home will be the best
A new poll indicates that retirees have high expectations about what their residence will be like when they exit the workforce.
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