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Preventing Damage to Your Property

Preventing Damage to Your Property
If it's been a year since you've replaced your alarms' batteries, switch them out when you turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend.
Check Your Alarms When Changing The Clocks
Make it a tradition to check your home's fire and carbon monoxide alarms whenever the clocks 'spring forward.'
Close to 60 million Americans are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke, according to new data from the CDC.
1 in 4 Americans Still Exposed To Secondhand Smoke, CDC Says
An estimated 58 million consumers are around SHS on a regular basis, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The thawing conditions brought on by spring can create flood problems.
Flood Safety Awareness Week - Before A Flood
These tips will give you the tools needed to prepare for a flood. 
If a new poll is reflective of the nation at large, many Americans are not putting money aside for maintenance-related tasks.
Homeowners Not Prepared for Maintenance Expenses, Poll Finds
Just one-third of homeowners has a budget for home repairs, according to a new survey.
Though it's still early in the 2015 season, the polar vortex is back - and with a vengeance.
How to Prepare for the Return of the Polar Vortex
These tips can help prevent your home from being victimized by Old Man Winter's wrath.
Homeowners insurance companies estimate that approximately 250,000 people annually see their water pipes freeze over due to bitterly cold temperatures.
Storm Juno Reminds Homeowners to Protect Their Water Pipes From Freeze
Nearly a quarter million homeowners experience frozen pipes each year.
Roughly 27% of the U.S. adult population are comprised of millennials.
Millennials' Insurance Needs
The up and coming generation has arrived, who now have insurance needs as adults with families of their own.
 Based on a new survey, many workers are engaging in file-sharing practices that put their employers at risk of data theft or liability.
Employees Admit to 'Frequent' Risky File-sharing Behavior
More than 60% of workers say they've shared documents with someone they weren't supposed to.
The Atlantic coast and the Midwest were two regions of destination for Americans changing addresses this past summer.
Washington, D.C., Chicago Top Moving Destinations This Year
The nation's capital and Illinois' most populated city were prime areas to which families relocated this summer, according to United Van Lines.
One unfortunate aspect of live Christmas trees is that they're highly flammable and have been responsible for a number of homeowners insurance claims.
5 Steps to Avoid a Holiday Catastrophe
Though rare, Christmas tree fires occur every year, but they all can be prevented with the proper fire safety awareness.
For the past 90 years, the National Fire Protection Association has sponsored the seven-day awareness period, which takes place between Oct. 5 and 11.
Fire Prevention Week Focuses on Smoke Detector Maintenance
Close to two-thirds of the deaths resulting from a structure fire are those where an alarm wasn't present or inoperable, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
Experts say there's no excuse for not installing or using a fire sprinkler system
Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Lives and Homes
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety says homeowners should consider installing a sprinkler system, as the benefits can be significant.
As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, more have a clear idea of what they’re home will look like.
Baby boomers confident retirement home will be the best
A new poll indicates that retirees have high expectations about what their residence will be like when they exit the workforce.
Don't let your Memorial Day weekend fun go up in smoke.
Make grilling safety a priority this Memorial Day weekend
Celebrate those who served and barbecue safely with these tips from the U.S. Fire Administration.
It's important to have the proper coverage in place, including flood insurance.
Guarantee the livelihood of your business with flood insurance
How entrepreneurs can ensure the financial readiness of their companies with flood protection.
Even a slight amount of alcohol increases the risk of filing an auto insurance claim due to a car crash.
Even low doses of alcohol too much for driving, report finds
A University of California, San Diego study suggests that any amount of alcohol consumption is a vehicle operation safety hazard.
Of the 11 so-called "minicars" that were tested, only one received an acceptable rating in the small overlap front crash test.
IIHS: Minicars test poorly in crash analysis
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says the 2014 crop of tiny automobiles are the worst performing in crash testing.
It's essential to learn which insurance policies will cover flood and water damage.
Are you protected from damage caused by water?
Because water damage can take on many forms, the Insurance Information Institute recently outlined a basic rule to figure out the answer.
Even a slight amount of alcohol increases the risk of filing an auto insurance claim due to a car crash.
Even low doses of alcohol too much for driving, report finds
A University of California, San Diego study suggests that any amount of alcohol consumption is a vehicle operation safety hazard.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, dinner preparation is one of the more common sources of homeowners insurance losses.
Cooking safely this Easter Sunday
Fires in the kitchen are the main cause of residential fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
He added that to prevent kids from being injured in shopping carts - which typically occurs when the carriages tip over - it's high time that shopping cart safety standards be strengthened.
Shopping-cart injuries among children common
A new report indicates that 24,000 kids are seriously hurt each year by a shopping cart.
One of the most valuable home improvements that can be performed is replacing the entryway to one's residence, according to a newly released report.
Steel-door replacement deemed top renovation for ROI
The National Association of Realtors says that steel doors can provide homeowners with nearly all of what they spent to have it done once it's sold.
Though floods have the potential to take place throughout the year, this week also coincides with some of the more damaging flood events in U.S. history.
Recalling historic flooding events for Flood Safety Awareness Week
Some of the country's most damaging floods have taken place in March.
ATV tires that are not meant  for the pavement may be to blame for the increase in ATV crashes.
Spike in ATV crashes on trafficked roadways
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that there were 1,700 ATV rider deaths around the country in a recent five-year period of analysis.
There are several ways in which to go about insuring an engagement ring, such as through renters insurance or umbrella insurance.
When engagement rings go missing
Three stories of lost and found engagement rings help illustrate why it's important to have these expensive pieces of jewelry insured.
As for whether car theft reports were mostly for mid-sized vehicles or large ones, mid-sized automobiles were more highly sought-after.
Thieves snatch up Toyota Camry with most regularity
More than 4,600 Camrys were stolen between 2009 and 2012, more than any other model in the large/mid-sized segment.
Warm temperatures bring flooding concerns
Warm temperatures bring flooding concerns
Temperatures in the 50s and 60s this weekend will likely lead to flooding problems for much of the U.S.
Freezing temperatures serve as a reminder of just how dangerous Mother Nature can be, both for cold and heat.
Temperature extremes call for added vigilance
Freezing temperatures serve as a reminder of just how dangerous Mother Nature can be.
For example, if a vehicle looks worn but its mileage is low, further inquiry may be in order.
200,000 vehicles affected by odometer fraud each year
Carfax indicates that odometer fraud is a three-quarters of a billion dollar industry.
While most who will be in attendance are likely from the area, many will be flying in from out of town.
Are you ready for the Super Bowl?
The Insurance Information Institute says adequate coverage is a key component of making one's residence available for rent - whether for the Super Bowl or any other special occasion.
Recently reported by NBC's "Today," wearing bulky winter coats while riding in a car can be a safety hazard - especially among children.
Heavy coats not conducive for seatbelts
Recently reported by NBC's "Today," wearing bulky winter coats while riding in a car can be a safety hazard - especially among children.
Staying safe and prepared during the winter season can be essential for homeowners.
U.S. locked in deep freeze again
With virtually all of the Northern U.S. experiencing record-breaking cold, the Insurance Information Institute offers tips on what policyholders should be aware of regarding the potential for damage to their property.
While the trucking industry has had to endure labor shortages, the industry as a whole is in solid territory.
Commercial vehicle registrations ease in 2013
The pace in which businesses wrote new registrations for commercial trucks in the first eight months of the year rose, but not by as much as expected.
Some states have a larger ratio of older homes to new ones than others, particularly in Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Report: U.S. has an aged housing inventory
RealtyTrac indicates that nearly three-quarters of residences in the country are pre-internet era.
Although smart phones can be broken by anyone, younger consumers tend to do it in higher frequency.
Portable devices breaking more frequently
With more kids toting wireless devices, half of parents say they've owned one that's been damaged.
With a greater likelihood of flooding, families may be more inclined to purchase flood insurance.
Smaller storms as powerful as Sandy
Tufts University analysts believe that rising sea levels will make relatively weak hurricanes more damaging.
The poll indicated that in approximately half of all cases, parents spurned the advice of the car seat manufacturer and opted to position their car seat based on the child's level of comfort.
Carseats - forward or rear facing?
Six in 10 parents in a recent poll turned their child car seats to forward facing earlier than they should have.
In 2011, nearly 700 cyclists were killed after being hit by a car.
Better railroad crossing signs for bicyclists
A new study suggests that more elaborate warnings are needed for bicycle riders crossing over rails.
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