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Product Recall

Product Recall
As cognizant and well informed many consumers may be about their nutrition, even clean labels don't guarantee they won't be affected by food poisoning.
Consumers less certain about food safety
Fewer Americans are sure that what they're eating is pathogen-free, according to polling data.
Summer is the prime time during which Americans consume hot dogs, a survey found.
Survey: Millions of Americans confine their hot dog consumption to summer, grilling season
Nearly a quarter of respondents to a new poll say that they only eat frankfurters between June and September.
Toyota recalled roughly 1 million vehicles due to mechanical flaws.
Toyota recalls 1 million vehicles
The Japanese automaker's recall is the industry's largest thus far.
Furniture, including TVs, should be anchored to prevent them from falling over.
High number of tip-over deaths have consumer advocacy groups alarmed
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says thousands of children were injured last year due to televisions falling over.
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