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He added that to prevent kids from being injured in shopping carts - which typically occurs when the carriages tip over - it's high time that shopping cart safety standards be strengthened.
Shopping-cart injuries among children common
A new report indicates that 24,000 kids are seriously hurt each year by a shopping cart.
For those who enjoy the outdoors, a preferred vehicle purchase is the sport-utility vehicle.
2014's best SUVs for the money
Kelley Blue Book indicates that the Honda CR-V is the best SUV to buy that's less than $25,000.
Many Americans expect homes to become more equipped with smart technology, or interfaces that allow consumers to access the Internet through devices like televisions, DVD players, home security systems and thermostats.
Embracing a world of 'Internet of Everything'
A new survey indicates that U.S. consumers anticipate more of their world being connected with the World Wide Web.
The report also indicated that roughly 50% of the chicken breasts that were sampled had one or more strands of bacterium that were resistant to multiple types of antibiotics.
Consumer Reports indicates food-borne illness found on nearly all chicken breasts
More than nine in 10 of the chicken breasts analyzed by Consumer Reports tested positive for bacteria late last year, all of which were purchased at grocery stores.
Alcohol detection technology systems may help reduce the impact of drunk driving.
Automakers continue researching anti-drunk driving technology
The Department of Transportation and the automotive industry hope that through research, modern-day technology can make impaired driving a non-issue.
In a recent poll, employees noted that they would not use all of their sabbatical time.
Many workers leave vacation time on the table
For third consecutive year, most employees in the U.S. didn't take all of their time off in 2013.
It may also be due to drivers going several miles per hour over the speed limit in order to get to work on time.
Extra hour of daylight brings uptick in accidents
The Monday following Daylight Savings Time tends to result in more crashes, according to research.
In a handful of generator-related deaths, individuals were using them because their electricity had been turned off by utility companies due to non-payment or dispute over a bill.
Portable generators No. 1 cause of carbon monoxide death
The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that 800 of the more than 930 CO-related deaths from 1999 to 2012 were caused by generators.
Perhaps the biggest reason why Christmas trees are particularly flammable the longer they're up has to do with their drying out.
Christmas decorations still up? Why it's time to take them down
Homeowners and renters who leave their holiday ornaments up for a long time increase their risk for a fire.
Many climatologists say that the prevalence of flooding - and in so doing, flood insurance claims - is largely the result of climate change.
Fighting the effects of climate change
The National Research Council says that the forecasting tools currently in place aren't adequate.
Census Bureau numbers illustrated that about four in 10 moved to a location that was within 50 miles of their former home.
Many on the move last year
The U.S. Census Bureau says that the mover rate held steady from 2012 through 2013.
Food labels and front of package claims are there to help consumers make informed choices.
Consumers perplexed by product health claims
Survey data commissioned by The Sugar Association indicates that health-conscious Americans can't help but feel misled by some labeling practices.
Fortunately, most of these accidents aren't life-threatening.
Accidents, breaks common over the holiday season
One in eight Americans says they've damaged an electronic item around Christmastime.
Although smart phones can be broken by anyone, younger consumers tend to do it in higher frequency.
Portable devices breaking more frequently
With more kids toting wireless devices, half of parents say they've owned one that's been damaged.
Despite alcohol's availability, respondents pointed out that it is a one-of-a-kind product that not just anyone should be able to access.
Survey: Consumers respect liquor laws
A poll performed by the Center for Alcohol Policy finds that Americans think the regulations on alcohol are appropriate.
As cognizant and well informed many consumers may be about their nutrition, even clean labels don't guarantee they won't be affected by food poisoning.
Consumers less certain about food safety
Fewer Americans are sure that what they're eating is pathogen-free, according to polling data.
The following tips should help families ensure that Turkey day leftovers are just as safe as when they first hit the dinner table.
Important safety tips for Thanksgiving leftovers
These recommendations will help ensure that what's served after Turkey Day is safe to consume.
For diabetics, checking blood glucose levels frequently can help prevent injury to themselves as well as to others.
Dangers of low blood sugar levels
With this being National Diabetes Month, a recent study points to the importance of checking one's blood glucose levels regularly.
In each state, more than half of respondents were opposed to the EPA being prevented from doing its job.
Majority of Americans opposed EPA shutdown
New polling data shows consumers were dead-set against the Environmental Protection Agency being affected by the shutdown, believing it put the earth's well-being in jeopardy.
In order to get the most out of every tailgating event, football and food enthusiasts need a reliable vehicle.
The best cars for tailgating season recently announced its selections for the vehicles that are the most tailgate- friendly.
The Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform can impact how much homeowners and renters pay in premiums based on their flood risk.
Lawmakers' influence within the insurance domain
The effects on flood insurance due to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act.
Companies across the country should know paper towels are preferred over air dryers by many.
Paper towels preferable to air dryers, study shows
Newly released analysis says that paper products are more sanitary than air-based dryers in the bathroom.
The price paid for homes for sale appears to have increased in recent years.
Government report portrays the typical American home
The U.S. Census Bureau recently released the latest American Housing Survey.
Fire departments responded to approximately 156,600 cooking-related fires between 2007 and 2011.
Keep a lid on kitchen fires
October 6 - 12 is Fire Prevention Week, the theme being how to prevent kitchen fires. 
Construction companies may not be doing enough to keep their workers safe, research shows.
Study: Construction firms opt to not use safety systems due to impact on work output
Details published in the journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers reveals that builders may not be doing enough to keep their employees safe.
Sexual misconduct can occur anywhere from college campuses to offices.
Fighting back against sexual misconduct
September 26 is RAINN Day, an observance period that reminds college students and parents of the dangers and prevalence of sex abuse.
Kitchen safety should be a prime area of concern for restaurant owners nationwide.
Key steps to take in the kitchen
Iowa State University offers tips on proper sanitation procedures during National Food Safety Month.
A number of homeowners nationwide feel they are prepared should a blackout occur.
Most Americans say they're ready for a lengthy blackout
A Harris Interactive survey reveals that more than half of Americans would be ready for a prolonged power outage.
The dangers of some summer staples.
Celebrations of Summer
Newly released data from Mintel shows that Americans like to celebrate summer in a traditional way.
A report found three in five homeowners plan to do some form of remodeling at their residences this year.
Renovation plans on many homeowners' summer 'to do' lists
A Zillow poll reveals that a great number of people will put their residence through a home makeover sometime before the end of September.
could leave homeowners scrambling if their insurance isn’t up-to-date.
Theft prevention tips for the most popular vacation month
Here are three ways to keep home invaders at bay.
People with sleep disorders tend to develop other, more serious, ailments.
Overall health burden severe for those with specific sleep disorder
A new study suggests that people with narcolepsy are more likely to have other health complications.
Only 17 percent of Americans said they regularly apply sunscreen when they go outside.
Sunscreen still not widely used, Yale study suggests
Yale University report shows that even among those who've been diagnosed with skin cancer, UV protection is often neglected.
Even if it’s just for a moment, leaving a child in a hot car is a serious risk.
Adults urged to be extra cautious of their kids in the car as summer heat continues
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids remind parents to 'look before you lock.'
Fewer property crimes occurred in 2012 compared to a year earlier, an FBI report found.
FBI: Fewer property crimes committed in 2012
The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that home invasions and car theft was slightly less common last year.
Eye protection should be preached by employers to their workers.
Make eye protection a priority
Government data shows just how frequently eye injuries occur at the workplace.
A report shows how residential properties can be affected by major weather events.
Storm surge threatens more than 4 million homes
With forecasters expecting an active season, hurricane damage could be substantial this year.
Accidental falls by seniors results in 2.3 million emergency room visits each year .
Slips and falls among elderly are a major source of injury
The American College of Emergency Physicians comments on how falls are common among today's seniors.
Swimming safety should be a priority for homeowners around Independence Day.
Make swimming safety a priority this Fourth of July
Drowning remains one of the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the U.S.
Chefs may want to focus on safety during National Culinary Arts Month.
How chefs can improve their workplace safety
Kick off National Culinary Arts Month with tips for how to keep chefs on the job.
Instances of dog bites reduced across the country in 2012 from the year before.
Dog bites fall in frequency
The Insurance Information Institute reports that claims involving dog bites declined last year, but they remain a costly injury to treat.
Keeping grills several yards from your home is ideal when barbecuing.
Three important precautions dads should remember before grilling
Even dear old dad could use a few grilling safety reminders.
Oklahoma has been devastated by tornadoes in recent weeks.
Recovery efforts continue after severe tornado leaves Oklahoma in tatters
The May 20 twister was a Category 5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.
Businessowners should use National Safety Month as a time to make sure their work environment is safe for employees.
Businessowners urged to take part in National Safety Month
"Safety Starts with Me" is this year's theme, according to the National Safety Council.
Restaurant owners need to ensure their staff keeps allergies of patrons in mind at all times, not just during graduation season.
Allergy-free foods to consider serving for graduation
The overwhelming majority of food allergies originate from eight foods.
stunt performer plans to cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope.
Stunt expert hopes to cross Grand Canyon sans protection
Nik of The Flying Wallendas says he will try to cross one of the country's largest fissures on a high wire this summer.
Having emergency supplies with you during a hurricane, including a first-aid kit, is imperative.
Ready or not, hurricane season is here
May 26th marks the beginning of Hurricane Preparedness Week.
After-parties can lead to liability issues for homeowners holding post-prom bashes.
Be aware of your kids' after-prom parties
Many kids will attend post-prom gatherings after the last dance, where alcohol may be available.
Practice safety when cooking, particularly when using the stove and the oven at the same time.
Stay safe this Easter by cooking with caution
Easter Sunday's main course can be ruined if families don't properly attend what's in the oven and on the stove.
There are certain steps drivers should take when their windshield breaks.
What to do when a windshield breaks
Windshield replacement experts say motorists should have cracks addressed as soon as possible.
The CPSC recalled more than a million pots and pans due to burn concerns.
Fire hazard prompts cookware recall
The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently recalled 1.7 million pots and pans due to the potential for burns.
Though many homeowners may not realize, fires are prevalent in winter.
USFA, NFPA team up to thwart winter blazes
U.S. fire officials launch a fire prevention program, warning consumers about the high prevalence of fires in the colder months.
The risk of electrical fires typically increases when winter arrives.
Electrical fires peak in December, but risk remains high
The United States Fire Administration reminds homeowners that as winter temperatures continue to dip, electrical fire danger rises.
Furniture, including TVs, should be anchored to prevent them from falling over.
High number of tip-over deaths have consumer advocacy groups alarmed
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says thousands of children were injured last year due to televisions falling over.
NASA indicates wildfires are likely to be issue in coming years.
NASA researchers say to expect more wildfires
Climate scientists indicate that minimal precipitation in the coming years will likely lead to more wildfire outbreaks.
Several safety measures ought to be taken when putting up Christmas trees.
NFPA: Don't let a Christmas tree fire ruin your holiday
The National Fire Protection Association estimates that 250 home fires each year result from Christmas trees.
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